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12 factors to consider when buying warehouse shelving systems

Shelving systems have many different types But which type is best for your facility? Purchasing appropriate shelving systems requires the consideration of several factors that will be directly related to receiving better performance. Due to the great importance of the type of shelves installed in warehouses, and stores, knowing these factors can help you to choose the best option.Here are 12 important factors to consider when buying a shelving system.

Low-density storage is most commonly accomplished with a single-deep system, which provides a system that is one pallet deep. In another case, you have double-deep racks, in which pallets are stacked one behind the other, and reaching these will require a reach truck.

Drive-in racking systems, on the other hand, allow for very dense storage due to their ability to hold up to five loads per side of the aisle.

It is crucial that your provider can assist you in choosing the right system for your warehouse from a wide range of options, such as gravity flow, cantilever, live storage, and shuttle racking.

1-Warehouse space
One of the most important things to be considered in the process of choosing metal shelving systems is the conditions of their installation environment. For example, if the industrial warehouse is limited in space and the number of goods is high, it is better to look for shelves that eliminate empty spaces and corridors as much as possible. One of the best examples in this situation is the narrow corridor shelving system.

2- Type of goods
Another important point in this regard is the type of product, which is very important in choosing different shelving systems. Due to the great variety of shelving systems and the differences in their structure, so you should be able to choose the options that are most compatible with the shape, size and dimensions of the goods. For example, if you are looking to buy a warehouse shelving system for car or car tire factories, using a rubber pallet can be a good option. but for goods that are stored in rolls, arm shelving will be a good choice.

According to the warehouse shelving systems standards, it is necessary for the weight of the goods placed on the different rows and floors of the shelves to be compatible with the strength and rigidity of the structure. The type of materials and metals used for the body and other parts installed in the shelf structure should be of good quality and its elasticity and resilience should be at a standard level. In addition to strength and durability against the weight of goods and environmental conditions, shelving systems contact with corrosive substances and moisture should not affect their quality. Failure to pay attention to this issue can cause a lot of damage, because rusty structures are not resistant to impact and there is a possibility of their collapse.

In industrial warehouses, stores and hypermarkets, the type of goods may change over time in terms of material, size and dimensions. Due to the relatively high cost that is required to purchase warehouse shelving systems, the best choice is to buy shelves that are compatible with different conditions. In other words, choose shelving systems where the height of the floors and the depth of the rows can be changed and adjusted according to the type of product. Examples of applications in this field include mesh shelving, which can be used in home warehouses, shops and even industrial sectors. The height of these shelves can be easily adjusted based on the size and dimensions of the product and adjustments can be made according to the conditions.

In order to facilitate the movement of goods and their arrangement in different rows and floors, industrial machines such as forklifts, etc. are used. Note that before buying a warehouse shelving system, you should pay attention to the type of machines available and buy the appropriate option accordingly. For example, for various reasons, forklifts may not be available in the warehouse, in which case you should purchase options such as rock panel shelves, where the arrangement and movement of goods is done by a human operator.

6-Height of the warehouse
One of the most important reasons for warehouse shelving systems is the arrangement of goods in different floors and the optimal use of floor-to-ceiling space. But the very important point is that according to the height of the warehouse or shed, you should be able to choose the right shelf. If the shed is high, buying a pallet rack is ideal and you can make the most of the storage space.

Before choosing shelving systems, you should know what are your goals in setting up a warehouse? Is the goal just to arrange the goods or do you want to run the management units in the shed as well? To better understand the subject, we provide an example in this regard. In some warehouses, for various reasons, the warehouse management office is integrated with the location of the goods. In this case, you can choose shelving that is prefabricated. Conversely, if the sole purpose is to arrange the goods, you can choose other warehouse shelving systems.

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Paying attention to the reparability and availability of accessories used in different parts of the structure is another thing that you need to pay attention to when buying.

9-Price and budget
Depending on the material used for the shelf structure as well as the type of structure, different prices are offered for the shelves. Due to the fact that the variety of shelves is very high and you have a high choice for each type, so it is better to pay attention to the budget allocated for this. In other words, it is better to consider different factors and budget and finally choose the right option in terms of shelving systems price.

10-Safety standards
Whenever you purchase a rack system, safety must always be your primary concern. When purchasing racks, make sure you use a reputable supplier and that the racking arrives in perfect condition and is properly installed. Additionally, there should be a safety inspection every six months, as well as several other safety features.

In order to prevent human and financial losses, warehouse shelving standards have been provided that must be observed in all industrial environments and stores, etc. Therefore, it is better to buy a shelving systems considering the standards and principles of safety.

11-Easy access to goods
Goods placed on warehouse shelves have different characteristics in terms of type, material and expiration date. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the goods when choosing and buying each of the shelving systems. For example, if the goods have an expiration date, then choosing pallet racks will not be a good option, because the pallet rack inventory management system is LIFO.

As mentioned throughout the text, the quality and material of the structures and their strength and durability are very important. For this reason, its better to buy shelving systems from reputable centers that provide support, warranty and after-sales service for their services.

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