types of warehouse racking system

6 main types of warehouse racking system


Stacking materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels is the purpose of warehouse racking systems. You can organize cargo to streamline operations with these systems while managing and better utilizing warehouse space. Different industrial racking types are available according to storage needs or unit loads, but they all optimize the available warehouse space over floor storage.

Warehouse Racking System and Pallet Racks in your warehouse can provide additional storage capacity, better organization, and increase productivity in your facility. there are many different types and you need to choose which system would work best for your warehouse. In this article we’ll give you a basic introduction to warehouse Racking Systems to help you gain more knowledge and be able to make better decision.

1-Selective pallet racking systems

Selective Pallet Racks are the most common type of warehouse storage and pallet racking system. This system gives you access to each individual pallet and allows you to store different items. selective racks are basically made from uprights and beams. column part of the rack is called Upright, which is attached by beams that go across the uprights. uprights and beam form the main structure of the rack. You can change the beam levels to adjust the height for new or different sized pallets. This system is a very good option for: Standard storage that require immediate access to products or pallets. This system works according to the FIFO (First in, First out) inventory management method, where the First pallet in is the first one that leaves.


Diversity in capacities, sizes, and configurations for custom fit

immediate accessibility to store or unload pallets

you can order in both roll formed and structural steel

adjustable shelf heights

affordable – lowest cost option per square foot


Big number of aisles – not efficient on floor space

Usually Not suitable for smaller warehouses

pallet storage capacity is low in comparison to other systems

takes more time to load and unload product or stock lines

Not cost-effective for high-volume storage

Limited storage height

2-Drive-in pallet racking systems

If you are looking for a space saving solution that can increase warehouse area, consider this racking system. The Drive in compact system only requires one access aisle for the forklift. it is recommended for storing high quantities of similar products. because of the one-way drive in lane, its inventory management method is last in, first out (LIFO). so experienced forklift drivers are needed since driving the forklift into the lanes can be dangerous.


The best cost-effective high-density system

available in roll formed and structural rack material

maximize warehouse space

It can fit different heights and depths


Not good for storing a lot of different products

LIFO inventory management method can be challenging for time-sensitive products.

Needs structural support because it is vulnerable to abuse from forklift damages and needs special protection against rack damage from forklift trucks.

not flexible for pallet size changes or SKU increases (Requires standard pallet sizes to fit in lanes)

3-Push back pallet racking systems

It also uses a LIFO system, but it gives you access to each lane and level independently so different kind of products can be stored. Push Back racking system only has one area for loading and unloading in front of the structure. and the pallets are pushed with a small controlled force to the previous ones towards the back of the racking. There are 2 method of movement used in Push-Back racking systems: Push-Back with shuttles and Push-Back with rollers


Easy product accessibility

flexibility and high-density storage

it eliminates maintenance and offers greater selectivity

Rather fast to load and unload


Higher cost (price, service costs and maintenance costs)

4-Pallet flow racking systems

Pallet Flow Racking system’s inventory management method is first in, first out (FIFO), so it is suitable for time sensitive products, like food and medicine. It is a dynamic storage system that uses gravity rollers to transport the pallets down to the picking side of the rack. compared to other methods Pallet flow racks can double or even triple the storage capacity in your facility.


after loading, product rotation is automatic

each lane is for one product

Great for large number of pallets

Quick and efficient inventory turnover

ideal for date-sensitive or perishable items


High capital investment

needs good pallet quality

Needs High maintenance

Limited selectivity

Requires aisles that occupy a lot of space

5-Carton flow racking systems

Carton Flow Racking system is also a FIFO (First-In First-Out), high-density storage system which is ideal for storing cartons and light unit loads like boxes and small products. They are a real space savor and efficient stock controller. carton flow rack highly upgrades cost-savings because by organizing product and rotating stock automatically it dramatically improves warehouse efficiency. Because this racking system uses gravity which is a free source of power, it can save from 25% – 75% of labor costs.


increased space and efficiency to fulfill orders

Uses gravity as free power source

cost saving

Visibility of products

great for long and odd-shaped items


more expensive than traditional warehouse shelves

6-Cantilever racking systems

Cantilever Racking System is famous for being safe, efficient and easily accessible. it can be used indoors and outdoors, single sided or double sided. its arm is vertically adjustable to accommodate your changing inventory. Any long, flat or oddly-shaped item is a great candidate for cantilever rack storage.


maintain a high load capacity

available in both roll formed or structural steel

can be galvanized for outdoor storage

offers versatility, durability

suitable for heavy, long, or oddly-shaped products

Strong and safe

Fast and easy installation

Can be designed to meet AISI Requirements

easy to load and unload


High capital investment for installation and design

May need foundation reinforcement before installation

needs passage between racks for forklifts

Inefficient for storing pallets

you may need more help and consultation to provide additional storage capacity, better organization, and increase productivity in your facility, or maybe you need an innovative warehouse storage designer and manufacture.  In both cases please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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