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What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel structures? In the world of construction, there is no structure without weaknesses, and steel structures, despite all its advantages, will not be exempt from this rule. Buildings with steel structures due to the nature and characteristics of steel have a number of disadvantages and advantages, which are discussed in detail below.

What are the disadvantages of steel structures?

Disadvantages for steel structures are both technical and non-technical. In summary, the most important disadvantages of a steel frame building can be summarized in the following cases.

Less fire resistance

High construction and maintenance costs

Possibility of corrosion of metal against various factors

Requires precise welding or installation of standard bolts and nuts

Requires welding tests, which are often costly.

Requires careful control and inspection of welding by the supervising engineer

The tendency of the steel frame to bend naturally

Corrosion in humid weather conditions

In the following, each of these disadvantages of metal buildings is discussed in detail.

steel structure is expensive
Cost in some situations is the first word in construction. So in many projects, quality is sacrificed. This has led many to consider it a disadvantage of steel structures.

The high cost of construction of steel structures is due to the higher cost of iron and the monitoring process in order to comply with the standards. Steel structures are superior to other structures in many ways, and this will be achieved at a higher cost.

The design process, the construction of the steel frame components, the transportation to the project site, the connection of the various components of the steel structure to each other and the obligation to comply with the standards are all involved in increasing the cost of construction of steel structures.

Steel structure is vulnerable to fire
Steel structures can be vulnerable to severe fires without the aid of protective materials. Steel naturally loses its strength when exposed to high temperatures. This is something we also witnessed in the tragic Plasco incident.

Of course, this issue can be solved by spending some money. Today, when constructing steel structures, materials called fire-retardant coatings are used, which significantly increase the fire resistance of steel structures.

Steel structures are sensitive to weather conditions
Sensitivity of steel to weather conditions, especially moisture, is another disadvantage of steel structures. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to increase the resistance of steel structures to various weather conditions, which will not be ineffective in the higher cost of steel structures.

Non-compliance with welding standards
Welding and welding is one of the most important operations in the implementation of steel structures, which requires compliance with rigid points and standards. This in itself is not a disadvantage of steel buildings, but any negligence due to inaccuracy and lack of experience can reduce the quality of the weld.

Human error is considered an important disadvantage not only in steel structures but also in all types of construction and industrial structures.

Steel structure has high thermal conductivity
Heat is easily transferred through steel. Heat transfer through the steel structure will greatly reduce the insulation resistance of the walls. In buildings that use steel structures, insulation measures must be taken to counteract the thermal conductivity of the steel.

Requires support structures
Steel structures often cannot communicate with other building components on their own. Drywall, insulation and additional components are usually required to integrate the building. According to some construction companies, this issue will require time and money and is therefore considered as a disadvantage of steel structures.

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Expansion coefficient
Steel has a high coefficient of expansion. But what does this mean? Steel with a high coefficient of expansion will be affected by deformation as a result of extreme temperature changes. Let us illustrate this with an example.

Suppose several metal frames are used to build a steel structure. These frames are placed next to each other regardless of the gap or distance required to neutralize expansion and contraction. As a result, the structure will be destroyed within a few months due to temperature changes.

What are the advantages of a steel structure?
First of all, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of buildings with steel structures. The following figure summarizes the most important advantages of buildings with steel structures and structures.

Much higher flexibility than other construction systems

High strength and high strength of steel structures

Balance and balanced strength of materials

Uniform properties of steel

Very high durability of steel structures

Elastic properties of steel

Less seismic coefficient than heavy concrete frames

Possibility of strengthening and strengthening steel structures

Easy conditions for construction and installation of steel structures

High speed installation and execution

Throwing materials much less than concrete structures

Low weight steel structures

Low space occupation level

Explosion resistant

High capability in suspicion

Reversibility of materials of steel structures

Steel structure has high strength
High strength under different conditions has always been one of the most important advantages of steel structures. The reason for this is mainly due to the nature of the steel used in the construction of this type of structures. Steel is a flexible material and will withstand the pressures on a building well.

In other words, the strength of a steel structure is close to tension and pressure, and by changing the position of the loads, the force that is applied does not cause destruction, and the pressure and tension are interchangeable, and the sections react well.

The steel structure is light and small
The steel structure has much less weight and dimensions compared to its main competitor, the concrete structure. Less weight makes steel structures a better choice for running on loose surfaces.

Simply put, steel structures weigh an average of 245 to 390 kg / m2 or weigh 80 to 128 kg / m3, and these values are almost double in concrete structures.

Another point about steel structures is their smaller dimensions. The small size of the steel structure makes it take up less space or so-called dead space.

The beams of metal buildings are smaller in dimensions than the beams of concrete buildings, so in steel buildings, the dead space and the level of occupation are less and this space is used to the maximum.

The steel structure has a high construction speed
Speed is very important in today’s construction world. High construction and execution speed is one of the most important advantages of steel structures.

Major parts of steel structures are designed and built in specialized workshops under the supervision of experts and are prefabricated at the construction site. This in turn reduces the amount of material wasted significantly.

On the other hand, the prefabricated steel structures make it easy to execute and it is also possible to consider the weather conditions and install the structure at the right time. The video below shows how to execute a steel structure.

The steel structure has a high degree of uniformity
High uniformity and uniformity in steel structures are the main advantages of this type of buildings. Different parts of steel structures are designed and manufactured in specialized factories such as Abragan Sazeh under the supervision of specialized experts.

Confidence in the uniformity of material properties is effective in choosing a small reliability coefficient that saves material consumption.

Structural modification is possible
One of the most important advantages of steel structures, which is very much considered in the case of petrochemical industry equipment and industrial plants, is the possibility of modifying and modifying it, albeit in a limited way.

steel structures, especially those designed and executed with bolted joints, can undergo any modification and modification under different conditions, and this will be impossible or very difficult in other construction or industrial structures.

The steel structure is very malleable
Ductility has always been one of the most important features of steel structures. The ductility of the steel structure will have different effects on the building. Accordingly, a metal building will be able to prevent the concentration of stress and vibration that cause the breakdown to begin.

On the other hand, steel structures, due to their good ductility, have a high resistance to dynamic forces and deformation, which prevents the sudden destruction of the structure.

Steel structure has high durability
Steel-framed buildings often have a high durability. If the necessary standards are observed in different stages of design and implementation of steel structures, these structures will be usable for a long time.

Demolition of steel structures is more economical
Another advantage of the steel structure that may be less considered is its performance during demolition and demolition. steel structures have a much higher scrap value and lower demolition costs.

The last word
Steel frame buildings have many advantages and disadvantages. Any structure, no matter how good, will suffer from a series of disadvantages. The steel structure, in addition to all the positive points it has and has many, has disadvantages. Disadvantages of steel structures can be minimized by choosing a company that designs and executes good steel structures.

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