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Advantages of metal shelves

Metal shelves are one of the most used shelves in industrial and semi-industrial environments and stores. High variety in models and durable bodies are among the reasons that have increased the use of these shelves.

Generally speaking, the main materials that are used to construct industrial metal warehouse shelves include steel, aluminum, copper and chrome. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that these materials are durable, long-lasting and strong.

Regardless of whether any organization is looking for ways to reduce costs, these savings should never have an adverse effect on employee safety.

The cost-cutting aspect of warehouse storage solutions should never be taken into consideration when it comes to used metal shelves.

Even though used metal shelves might be less expensive than the new ones, they come with a number of risks that make them potentially more dangerous than they will be useful for solving your problem. If you are considering purchasing or installing used metal shelves, consider safety first.

High diversity
High diversity is the most important advantage of metal shelves. Shelves used in industrial warehouses have a great variety and can be classified based on different characteristics. One of the best advantages of metal warehouse shelving is providing high choice that you can choose your specific shelving option according to different environmental conditions. These metal shelves can be referred to as fixed warehouse shelving groups and movable shelving. In addition, each of these two groups has many subsets that can be selected according to the type of goods, size and dimensions as well as the available space in the warehouse.

For example, if the interior space of the warehouse is limited and the ceiling is too high, rock pallet shelving can be a very good option. If you want to combine the office and management environment of the warehouse with the sheds, balcony shelving will be a very good choice. Just be a little familiar with the features of each of these metal shelves to be able to choose the best for your warehouse environment.

The material used for the body of the metal shelves is very important and is directly related to the quality and strength of the shelf. Due to the fact that the metals used in these shelves are elastic, therefore, they are suitable for putting a large number of heavy goods in them. In addition, the collision of forklifts and other machinery in the warehouse with metal shelves cannot lead to the separation of the shelves and their disintegration. It should be noted that poor quality shelves will eventually collapse if the rows become heavy and will cause a lot of human and material damage.

High strength
Another advantage of using metal shelves in the warehouse is their high strength. For this reason, this type of shelf can be implemented in several floors from floor to ceiling of the hall so that more goods can be placed and stored in smaller environments. The multiplicity of the number of floors of these shelves will improve the productivity of the warehouse.

Easy arrangement of goods
Due to the fact that there are several rows in these shelves and the number of floors is high, the goods can be moved in them with machines. In addition, according to the type of shelves as well as the characteristics of the goods such as the expiration date, it is possible to have an orderly arrangement with the forklift.

Due to the distance that is considered as a corridor between the shelves, the transportation of goods by forklifts and other machines is easily possible. Even if there is not enough space in the warehouse, it is possible to use the narrow corridor shelving and it can be done with special machines for transporting and arranging goods.

In many warehouses and sheds related to food factories and cold storages, as well as factories for the production of detergents and hygiene and medicine, the washability of the shelves is very important. Unlike wooden shelves, which gradually lose their strength in contact with moisture, metal shelves work very well in this regard. The metals used in these shelves are galvanized and with several layers of acrylic paints on them they are not only resistant to contact with moisture and humidity, but also their contact with detergents and disinfectants will not affect the quality and durability of the shelves.

Adjustable height
As mentioned, metal shelves such as rock panel shelves, etc. are multi-layered and can be used from floor to ceiling to arrange goods. One of the best advantages of using metal shelving in industrial sheds and stores is the adjustability of the height of each row based on the type, size and dimensions of the goods. These types of shelves are widely used for arranging and storing various goods.

Easy to repair
The last but not least is that metal shelves are easy to repair. Continuous use of metal shelves and not paying attention to the principles of their proper use can eventually lead to cracks and fractures in various parts of the structure. Luckily the metal used in these shelves is weldable, so they are easy to repair. but always remember that repairing and welding without considering standards is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made in warehouses.

Easy to Assemble
Assembling Metal shelves is not a difficult job. The assembly instructions are very easy to follow, and you only need rivets to put it together if your warehouse products retailer does not do it for you. using boltless rivet shelving, makes the assembling process even easier.

Cost Efficient
You can consider metal shelving as one of the least expensive solutions for your warehouse storage. There is a wide variety of them available in the marketplace, so there’s something available for every budget. It is obvious that you get the quality that you pay for, so don’t try to look for the lowest cost and pay attention to the quality that you need. Make sure the shelving will meet your requirements by checking the metal quality, the finish, the weight capacity, and the storage capacity.

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