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What is the use of sandwich panels in construction?

Application of sandwich panels is different and varied according to their special structure. Sandwich panels are basically structures that are similar in appearance to sandwiches and are connected to each other. These panels are used in both the architectural and construction industries and facilities to reduce costs as well as increase speed and accuracy. In this article, we will fully introduce the applications of sandwich panels.

Application of sandwich panels in building facades
Application of sandwich panels is increasingly expanding in ceilings, walls and various cases. What the material and type of layers are is very effective in this regard. Despite the sandwich panels, construction is very cost-effective today. These applications include the following:

Construction of food refrigeration

Food and Agriculture Factory

Roofs for livestock and poultry

Large industrial factories

Replace the gable roof sheet

Construction of the canopy

Construction of sheds and warehouses

Advantages of using sandwich panels in building facades
Sound and thermal insulation
Sound and thermal insulation of sandwich panels is one of the prominent features of this category of building materials and has led to the recognition of panels as insulation materials. As you know, according to Article 19 of the National Building Regulations, the insulation of buildings is of great importance and is mandatory.

Polymer-core panels, such as polyurethane sandwich panels, are the best type of sound insulation that can make buildings up to about 60 dB sound resistant. On the other hand, all types of sandwich panels have the necessary resistance to heat and significantly reduce energy waste. It should be noted that these new materials in the corner of the walls or angled parts are equipped with a series of accessories, which play an important role in insulating the building.

Economic efficiency
Compared to other building materials, these panels, along with their many features and advantages, the most important and main advantage of which is its reasonable and affordable price. These materials are also effective in energy optimization due to their insulation and are used for a long time due to their variety in design, color and long life and do not need to be repaired or replaced. Also, in order to reduce costs for construction with sandwich panels, it is necessary to know that it can be implemented in a short time and with a minimum number of manpower.

Durability and longevity
The use of sheet metal and metals such as zinc and galvanized in the outer coating of the panel, is effective in its flexibility and high strength, which gives durability and longevity of several years to the panel and the facade of the building. It is also necessary to know that the presence of sandwich panel metal sheet in the facade of the building is highly resistant to impact, seasonal precipitation and.

Being healthy
Sandwich panel in the facade of the building due to the static color used in the facade, even over time, retains its transparency and original color, and pollution and dust that has been created over time and with rain on it. Is; Easy to clean.

Execution speed
As we said, panels are installed faster and easier than other building materials, and in this regard, they have been able to surpass their competitors.

Reduce the weight of the building
The use of light metal and foam in the sandwich panel is effective in reducing the weight of the building and reducing the dead load of the building is one of the prominent features of these materials. Therefore, lightening buildings with sandwich panels is one of the methods that has become popular in recent years.

Fire resistance
Fire and non-resistance of building materials to fire is the most important factor that affects the facade materials and is their main weakness. But in modern sandwich panel materials, the use of insulation such as polyurethane foam and rock wool in the core of the panel has made them fire resistant. Some types of sandwich panels, such as rock wool panels, are also known as fireproof sandwich panels due to their high strength.

Application of sandwich panels in the construction industry
Application of sandwich panels in the construction industry as a new building material is increasing day by day. The combination of these materials and their features have increased the use of sandwich panels in the construction industry. A set of features such as load-bearing thermal insulation, sound insulation and decoration are assembled in a variety of sandwich panels. As a result, their use in construction saves energy and adapts to the industrialization of housing. The application of sandwich panels in the construction industry includes the use of wall and ceiling sandwich panels in the construction of walls and ceilings. Exterior walls are the largest part of the building covering. As a result, exterior walls play a very important role in saving energy. Depending on the insulation requirements, the thickness and technical specifications of the wall panel sandwich will vary.

Sandwich panels are widely used as an exterior cladding for single and multi-storey buildings. The sandwich shape of these panels has led to the name of the sandwich panel. Types of sandwich panels are divided into subgroups of wall and ceiling sandwich panels according to their structure and application. All types of sandwich panels are allozinc, aluminum and galvanized. All types of sandwich panels include applications of sandwich panels in the construction industry. Depending on the type of sandwich panel sheet, we also have allozinc sandwich panel and galvanized sandwich panel.

Application of sandwich panels in architecture
Application of sandwich panels in today’s architecture has received much attention. The use of these prefabricated materials due to its unique features has made most builders prefer to use wall sandwich panels and ceiling sandwich panels instead of traditional materials such as bricks. Today, the use of modern materials and tools in construction with useful functions and features has been able to open its place in the construction industry. Sandwich panel is one of these materials. This structure is a modern cover that has two metal layers and an insulating foam. Sandwich panel is a suitable cover for different parts of the building, including the roof. Everyone who is familiar with construction knows well that wall and ceiling surfaces should be insulated properly.

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