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Here you will know about store shelving

Store shelving creates more order in the store and customers have easier access to goods and items. Also, by creating variety in store shelving and the correct arrangement of items on these shelves, the beauty of the store is doubled. Therefore, the use of Store shelving should be taken seriously.

Today, the use of shelving in various stores and hypermarkets is of particular importance. With the continuous development of cities and the dramatic growth of supermarkets and the expansion of stores and shops, store shelves are the most widely used shelving system, which were chained and placed to store light to semi-heavy goods in stores.

With the increase in the number of goods offered by different factories, the way the goods are arranged has a direct impact on sales and customer satisfaction. The owners of these businesses became aware of this issue and turned to shelving in order to increase their sales.

The effect of shelving on customer vision
About two-thirds of the goods that the customer buys when entering the stores are due to the correct arrangement of goods and items that he did not intend to buy. When the customer enters the store, if the store looks good to him and he feels good to the customer, the customer will not have an excuse to leave the store. The use of Store shelving is now clear; Prevent the customer in the store from feeling confused and confused about a product. The arrangement and placement of the shelves in your store really has a big impact on the feeling it conveys to the customer, and this in turn causes the customer to buy from your store.

Some cases downplay the role of store shelving. Whether or not a product is sold in your store has a direct impact on how that product is picked up in the store and the shape of its shelving. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for the seller to show the product or items to the customer, but the product itself represents itself in the correct shelf that is placed.

Necessary factors in store shelving

The first step in designing a store is the corridor. You should consider a wide and open corridor for your store. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. The customer should have freedom of action along the corridor and easily see the goods. So keep this stress away from your customer by considering a generous and wide hallway and the correct arrangement of shelves.

They should not be stacked in a space and crowded that part, because when part of a store space is crowded, the customer can not easily decide and buy the product they want.

Another point that should be considered is the shape and frame of store shelving. For example, items that catch most children’s eyes should not be placed on the top shelves.

Different Methods Of Store Shelving

This article about store shelving and different methods

Product classification:
Try to categorize goods and commodities based on the type of product in a shelf and assign each shelf to a product so that the customer can see different brands of a product they need at the same time and compare prices and Choose the quality of your product.

Placing Complementary Goods:
By placing complementary goods side by side, the customer is much less likely to miss a complementary product of a particular product. For example, put all the utensils needed for cooking pasta together; Types of pasta, soy, sauce ….

Making older items available: Try to make older items available to the customer to avoid potential damage.

The importance of shelving and arrangement of goods in the store
Arrangement of goods on the upper shelves:
Try to put lesser-known brands on the upper shelves, because when these brands are on the upper shelves, they give a special effect to your store.

Arrangement of goods on the middle shelves:
The best part of the shelf is the middle part, and the seller has to pay a lot of money for this part. Try to place the best-selling brands and brands in this section. This part is even referred to as the golden part of store shelving; Because the goods in this area are more exposed to the customer.

Arrangement of goods on the lower shelves:
As mentioned earlier, products that catch the baby’s eye should not be on the top shelf of the store. Children and adolescents react to these products and can reach out and pick them up.

The importance and application of store shelving was briefly mentioned here. You can add to this ability with the experience of others and your colleagues in various fields of work.

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