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Buy used Panel rack shelving or Pallet rack shelving, yes or no?

Panel rack shelving and Pallet rack shelving have many uses and benefits. As you know, shelving in warehouses is expensive, so many people buy used metal shelves to reduce their costs.

But the question is, is it right to buy used shelves? Is it a good idea to buy used Panel rack shelving and Pallet rack shelving?

Used or new rack shelves and pallets

People who store products in storage or are thinking of setting up a warehouse to store different products should first think about providing shelving for this environment. Panel rack shelving and pallet rack shelving is the best and most suitable type of shelving in warehouses where heavy and large products are stored.

But which is better, the second-hand or new rack and pallet shelves? To answer this question, one must be thoroughly familiar with the features of new and second-hand shelving. In this case, it is possible to choose the most suitable option between the panel shelf and the second-hand or new pallet rack.

Before you decide to buy a used solution, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of used versus new pallet racking.if you don’t, buying used pallet racking may cost you more than getting new ones!

Panel rack shelving and its features
To set up a shelving system all over the world, you must pay attention to warehouse optimization and its resistance. This issue is also considered by managers in organizations who can provide the best and most durable equipment to set up their warehouse at a reasonable cost. One type of shelving is Panel rack shelving, also called Shelving pallet rack. This warehouse is equipped manually and is used for storing raw materials and products.

Panel rack shelving features
Panel rack shelving has features and specifications, some of which are mentioned below:

It can be used in warehouses for supplies, spare parts, tools and intermediate production warehouses. Designed for bulky loads of medium and heavy weight and with the ability to be loaded manually or for special forklifts. Panel rack shelving from screw and nut frames And horizontal arms with the ability to connect clips and special flooring to cover the floors and all openings are formed and its depth and height can be changed and can be applied in single and double rows in several floors. Panel rack shelving frames It consists of connecting horizontal and diagonal columns and braces and floor base plates, which are produced in different widths and lengths, and usually the middle frames of each row.

The arms are produced from roll form sections and its clip has 4 Or 5 nails that are connected to the arm by CO2 welding and are designed and executed for different loads and different openings. These arms are designed in such a way that it is possible to adjust the vertical distances of the floors easily. Shelving type is a special floor type (Panel rack shelving) that is on the arms (without bolts and nuts) b A suitable number is installed in proportion to the width of the frame. The weight bearing calculations of the arms and floors are performed based on uniform and wide load (KG / M 2) and according to the customer’s needs and definitions for each floor.

Pallet Shelving rackis one of the most common and best shelving systems for heavy and bulky products and goods. These shelves are made in the form of pallets or wall pallets and items and goods are done by trucks such as forklifts, laying and picking operations. This type of shelving is generally used to store heavy and semi-heavy products and goods.

Pallet rack shelving and its features ‌
Pallet racking features pallet rack racking systems can be used in warehouses of products, raw materials and semi-finished materials. Loading and unloading system in pallet racking is by order. Designing the dimensions of the corridors according to the type of forklift and Its dimensional specifications are done. It can be arranged as a single pallet, 2 pallets or 3 pallets side by side. Proper use of spaces in relation to the warehouse surface. Pallet rack shelving with screw frames and horizontal arms. It is formed with the ability to attach a clip to the columns. Objects that have small dimensions can be stacked up to a very small height on a regular basis by using a metal pallet box with bolts and nuts. Using a metal pallet of bolts and nuts, small goods can be poured into the box in bulk and stored.

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Difference between Panel Rack and Pallet Rack Shelving

The difference between pallet rack shelving and Panel rack shelving
Both types of shelving are used to store heavy items and goods. The only difference between pallet rack shelving and Panel rack shelving is the use of flooring in floors, which is not used in pallet rack shelving system.

The advantage of Panel rack shelving and new pallet rack
One of the most important advantages of new shelves is the great variety in their selection. In each warehouse, depending on the type of product stored, shelving with suitable warehouse features can be easily ordered. Quality is also an advantage that can only be sought in new shelves.

Ordering the production of a new standard shelving is another advantage of this work. In addition, most manufacturers offer their products with warranty cards and after-sales service. For this reason, the new option has more advantages between the two options of second-hand panel shelf and pallet rack.

Panel rack shelving and pallet rack shelving features
If you are looking for a shelf for the warehouse and you are thinking about choosing between a panel shelf and a second hand or new pallet rack. You need to get comprehensive information about second-hand shelves. Then you can prepare the desired shelving. One of the features that makes you choose a new or new option between the panel and pallet rack shelves is the disadvantages of second-hand shelving, which we will mention a few.

Most metal shelves may be broken and damaged if installed and used, and lack of welding and connection skills increases the possibility of unspecified damage. Also, the supply of shelves that can match the dimensions of the warehouse and the products stored in it is very low.

Lack of proper shelving reduces the space used in the warehouse and the level used is reduced by about 30%. Lack of warranty and after-sales service is also one of the major disadvantages of second-hand shelves. So in answer to the question which panel or pallet rack is second-hand or new, which is better? We answer that new shelves are the best and most suitable option for any warehouse.

Safety is a priority to any working space. So if you are thinking of investing in second handed pallet racking, make sure of its quality and check if it is still fit and safe for purpose. If you are not sure about the racking quality , it is advisable that you opt for new racking instead of used ones.

Pallet racking manufacturers guarantee their products . This means, if any problem occurs to the racking, you are protected. For example, if the racking is defected or causes any defect, you will be entitled to replacement or repairing it without any extra cost. When you buy used pallet racking, you won’t have the guarantee. so If any problem or defect happens to the rackings you have to pay for it on your own.

If you are considering buying used pallet racking, pay attention to any signs of wear and tear. You might want to reconsider buying a product if it has any of the following defects: loose parts, broken planks, missing support blocks, rusted parts, damaged parts, poor welding, parts from more than one manufacturer.

Before you buy used pallet racking, we recommend that you ask an independent, qualified inspector for a full report. There may be faults that can be easily corrected, but there are others that should act as a warning.

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