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Basic rolling processes

Basic rolling processes The main rolling processes are divided into two categories: 1- Hot rolling process or hot work 2- Cold rolling process or cold work In this article we will be talking more about the Hot rolling process but first, let’s start with the History of the Rolling Industry. History of Rolling IndustryThe history […]

Customize pallet racking system was the answer for Philex Pharmaceutical needs

Customize pallet racking system was the answer for Philex Pharmaceutical needs Our Solution Due to the multiple selectivity products and storage density for palletized finished material loads and different temperatures needed for different palletize boxes, our team worked closely with clients technical managers to reach a system that could satisfy their needs focusing on heights. […]

Introduction to refrigeration shelving

Introduction to refrigeration shelving shelving is one of the most important systems for storing and arranging goods. Refrigeration shelving is a type of shelf that its applications include storage of raw materials and food products, arrangement and storage of cosmetics and materials, raw materials and medicines, etc. Join us to introduce this type of shelves. […]

5 Important Principles of warehouse management

5 Important Principles of warehouse management Warehouse management is not an easy job and it needs to be done with proper planning and based on specific principles; In other words, to properly manage a warehouse, one should be well acquainted with its management principles; If you manage your warehouse with these principles in mind, you […]

What is a solar battery?

What is a solar battery? Solar batteries are responsible for storing the electrical energy produced by the solar cells. By adding this battery in solar systems, the electrical energy of solar cells can be used during the night or on cloudy days. The most important feature of these batteries is their long life. These types […]

What do you know about portable solar panels?

What do you know about portable solar panels? A Portable solar panel is like a typical solar panel in small size which can be carried anywhere! A solar panel is a collection of photovoltaic cells that can convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are usually large and heavy and need to be permanently installed; But […]

Disadvantages of solar energy

Disadvantages of solar energy Knowing about the disadvantages of solar energy is as important as knowing about its advantages. You must have seen advertisements about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. Maybe you have even decided to buy and install solar panels in yourhome. Please wait; It is better to first be aware of […]

Advantages of solar energy

Advantages of solar energy The advantages of solar energy and the advancement of technology in this field encourage people to use this clean energy. The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy is something that we should be aware of before deciding to buy solar panels. In this article, we have mentioned some advantages of solar […]

Types of solar inverters

Types of solar inverters A solar inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for consumers or injection into the power grid. In a photovoltaic solar system, inverters act as the heart of the system and convert the generated DC electricity into AC. In the following, […]

FAQ’s of Photovoltaic inverters

FAQ’s of Photovoltaic inverters Today, a large part of photovoltaic systems are used connected to the grid, and photovoltaic inverters or solar inverters that convert direct current into alternating current are responsible for this connection. A (Solar Inverter) must have desirable features to have a proper performance as the power transmission part of the photovoltaic […]