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Cold Room Doors

Workers and facility managers face plenty of problems while working in facilities that process, produce, or store temperature-sensitive items. The cold-storage doors inside the facility play an important role in ensuring temperature separation, which is vital for product integrity. However, as many facility managers are already aware, finding doors that fulfill requirements in businesses requiring temperature-critical conditions can be challenging. The doors must have an appropriate value, low air infiltration, and fast enough cycle times to keep temperature-sensitive items in cold storage from spoiling. Low-temperature warehouses and refrigerated rooms require refrigeration doors and gates, which are limited in design due to thermal insulation and operating costs. Typically, refrigeration gates are chosen from a broad variety of kinds and sizes even during the structural construction of the cold rooms. The primary function of cold room doors is to provide thermal insulation for the entry through which the items are loaded and unloaded. As a result, “thermal bridges” in door design and hardware should be avoided or minimized. The doors must resist the temperature conditions and workload in the refrigerated chambers; thus, when selecting doors, it is critical to pick the correct type of door and its technical characteristics: size, insulation thickness, and so on.

Refrigerated Chamber Door Types

Based on operational circumstances and the loading and unloading activities in refrigerated rooms and warehouses, the following are used:

Hinged (swinging) doors;
Sliding doors;
Vertical doors (gates of guillotine type).

Hinged Doors

Swing doors can be single- or double-leafed, depending on the size of the entryway. Single-leaf doors are often used for doorways up to 1.2 m in width, whereas double-leaf doors are utilized for wider openings. Depending on the size, the door panel is held in place by two or more hinges (doorway height). The door is labeled “right” or “left” depending on where the hinges are located and which side it opens to. The benefits of hinged doors include ease of installation and a low cost.

This door is known as the most widely used door from the past to the present due to its simple mechanism. The simplicity of the mechanism, low price and thus reducing the cost of construction of the cold storage, long life and ease of use and installation, are the advantages of the hinged cold storage door. The hinged door is more suitable for cold storages with low traffic due to the high heat loss it creates when opening and closing.

Sliding Doors

The sliding door panel is pushed along the guide by rollers (slide-rail). They may be completed with either the right or left roll backing (of opening). When the gate is closed, they “sit down” and tightly press under their weight and the movements of the clamping rollers, ensuring that the gate is properly sealed. Aside from human opening, automated electric drives are utilized for sliding gates, which can be triggered with a console and, optionally, radar, photocells, magnetic loops, and a remote control.

This door is suitable for frequent opening and closing. The reason for this is low waste and low air exchange when opening and closing the door. In large cold rooms, sliding doors are motorized, which increases the speed of opening and closing and eliminates the need for manual force to open and close. Also, sliding doors need less space to open and close and are very suitable for large dimensions. These doors are used in many parts due to their different features.

Guillotine-style vertical gates

When there isn’t enough space to open the sliding gates, the panel on that form of the door rises. Because such gates are difficult to open manually, they are generally utilized with an electric motor.

Doors with Options and a Unique Design

Many manufacturers provide a door trim composed of stainless steel, nonferrous metal, or metal with extra polymer coatings (PVC, polyester) as an option, or buffer bumpers consisting of metal or plastic sheets to protect the fabric. Furthermore, the doors can be outfitted with viewing windows, replete with various kinds of handles, locks, pressure equalization valves, and protect the opening area with various types of special buffer bumpers. Particular configuration doors are manufactured for specific operating conditions:

Hermetic sliding gates for a controlled environment chamber, which is mostly used for keeping fruits and vegetables; doors and gates with a doorway for the hanging rail used in meat processing facilities and slaughter shops.

Which Refrigeration Doors Should You Pick?

Swinging doors are useful for smaller entrances for a person’s passage; sliding doors are convenient for large doorways and doorways that need intense operation.

When other types of doors cannot be installed or operated, the vertical one should be used as a last option.

Different manufacturers’ products might differ in quality and price, which are, of course, connected. The following are the primary variables that influence product quality: design benefits or drawbacks; quality of attachments (hinges, handles, locks, etc.); manufacturing culture.

Inquire about the structure of the doors and the hardware used while choosing doors. If possible, consult with companies who have experience operating this manufacturer’s doors.

Industrial Cold Rooms
We specialize in the design and construction of industrial cold rooms employing modular assembly. We are renowned and acknowledged in the region for the quality and scale of cold rooms, having worked in many sectors of the industry needing cold storage facilities such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, public sector, and so on. We have worked on projects across the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our high level of client satisfaction, as well as our devotion and commitment to the quality and service we give, have enabled our firm to thrive in our sector.

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A full range of door options is available at Palmore catering to the diverse requirements of clients. We can offer any size and type of door you require. Hinged, sliding, rapid roll, crash, flush, incorporating vision panels, and windows are just a selection of the products available. Hinged doors are of different types such as a single leaf or double leaf, overlapping or flush. These doors are always open in the outward direction towards the left or right.
The sliding doors are usually used for application which requires larger openings. It opens & closes with minimal effort & is available with both left & right-hand sliding options. Other salient features of doors

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