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Different types of cold room door

The definition of cold room is very simple, a room that is cold or a large refrigerator that can be walked within. But beyond this simple definition, cold stores are rooms that are covered with insulating walls such as sandwich panels and a cooling unit responsible for cooling the space inside the room.

Refrigerators were made a long time ago in order to maintain and store products such as food and medications.

The refrigerators are generally divided in two main categories based on their temperature. above zero (positive) and subzero (negative) refrigerators.

How do refrigerators work?

Normally, an industrial refrigerator works exactly as a home refrigerator, but consumes more energy when making technical details.

The most important part of a cooling unit is that it consists of the following parts:

The basis that the cooling unit is placed on

Compressor that allows the cooling and refrigerant gas suction (refrigerant)

The condenser that takes the heat from the cooling gas that is congested

A strong pressure tap and a low-pressure tap

Electrical panel where wires and control units are installed

Cooling is done in two ways:

 The first method is “direct” in which the cooler cools directly with evaporation of a material, which is better in terms of energy consumption.

The second method is “indirect” in which the cooling is done with a mediator. in this method first a liquid is cooled as a mediator and then the cooled liquid flows into a circuit to cool other parts. This method consumes more energy, but it has been proven that this method is a better choice for larger installations.

Types of refrigerators

In general, the refrigerators are technically divided into two categories.

In the first type, all components of the cooling system such as compressors, evaporators and condensers are all called in a single unit given to this Clip On Device category. This cooling system is usually used for refrigerating stores that are less than 30 cubic meters and a Temperature Zone.

The other type is a remote condensing unit. The design of this category of cold rooms is that Condensing Unit is connected to the evaporator by pipes. Usually, the evaporator is installed along with several fans inside the refrigerator so that cool air can be rotated in the environment. These refrigerators are more suitable for use in buildings.

How to choose a refrigerator?

Refrigerators can be made in different sizes and with different settings. In the first step, you must consider the amount of products that should be stored in the refrigerator.

To make a good choice you will need to ask some questions like:

Is there sufficient space for someone to be able to move inside the refrigerator?

Are loading machinery such as forklifts used to carry pallets inside the refrigerator?

Depending on your answers, the refrigerator you need can be a typical commercial refrigerator or a huge refrigerator!

What factors determine the cost of building a cold storage or refrigerator?

The cost price of a refrigerator is affected by:

Thickness of sandwich panels

Refrigerator volume

Operating temperature

Cooling power


Difficulty degree of installation

For example, a mini cold storage costs over 2000 Euros and is expected to cost 8000 Euros for a 3 by 4 by 2.6-meter cold storage. For larger refrigerators with optimal energy consumption, amounts of more than 10,000 euros are also considered.

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We are pleased to offer you free consultancy, contact us now!

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