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Are you considering buying cold storage?

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Buying cold storage helps you store your products at low temperature to inhibit the destructive action of microbes, bacteria, parasites and yeasts on perishable materials. With buying cold storage, many perishable products can be frozen in a safe space with a suitable temperature, allowing them to be stored for weeks, months, and even years.

Before buying cold storage

There is an important difference between buying cold storage and dry storage, and that difference is that cold storage is completely cold and has a low temperature. There are many businesses around the world that manufacture, store, and handle perishable or temperature-sensitive products. Cold storage warehouses provide them with an environment and space to safely store their products. It should be noted that cold storage services are not only for storing and maintaining perishable products, cold storage is also a good and safe way to send these products all over the world.

So buying cold storage is considered a suitable solution for transporting products. A complete cold storage service will process, pack and finally deliver your goods almost anywhere in the cold chain. In this way, during the transportation of the products, the temperature remains constant in an accurate and regular manner.

Buying cold storage for businesses

If you, as an employer or industrial owner, need to buy a cold storage room to put all your products inside, you can pick up the phone and call Palmore International or connect with us via email, Instagram or LinkedIn. Palmore cold storage experts are ready to build cold storage and supply cold storage equipment for you whenever you need.

But if you need to transport goods and perishable products of your business,instead of buying cold storage, you should think about buying a refrigerated truck.

If your business is small or you are just starting out, you may be able to get by with a cold room or a small space with low temperatures. But when your business starts to grow and expand, you will definitely need to buy a large or general cold storage.

As your business grows and develops, your production will increase so you will need to store more products. As a result, a small cold room will not be enough. In this case, you need to buy an equipped and professional cold storage. This shows that your business has expanded and you need more advanced tools and equipment to make more profit and more customers. At this time, buying cold storage is a tool that helps you  grow and expand your business.

After buying cold storage

Buying cold storage is the starting point for longer storage of your products. Cold Storage helps to keep your products and perishable goods at a certain temperature that is declared by the storage standards of that product, and makes them stay fresh and increase their shelf life. For example, if you need to store and use fresh fruits and vegetables, you should know that it is not wise to keep them at room temperature because they may spoil, attract pests and diseases, lose them, and as a result, cause financial loss.

There is no doubt that you don’t like to lose money in your business and obviously you should use advanced tools and products to prevent loss. It is also necessary to know how the main cold storage equipment works, such as electrical panels, compressors, fans, condensers, evaporators, faucets, thermostats, etc. You should know how the cold storage equipment works and you should have a regular schedule for their maintenance.

buying cold storage

In addition, it is better to get your cold storage equipment and other supplies from reputable brands to ensure that you can count on buying a cold storage as an investment.

Buying a well-equipped cold warehouse can keep your products at the most suitable temperature possible and solve your worries about sending them to distant destinations and long routes. Buying a cold storage will greatly increase your business flexibility and reduce the risks that may disrupt your profitability.

Last word

Undoubtedly, if you are the owner of a business in which you are engaged in the production and storage of perishable materials and products such as food, chemicals or medicine, or if these products are one of the parts of your business, you will need to buy a cold storage room. Palmore International, as a well-known company in Oman, manufactures and supplies all kinds of cold storage, cold room and related equipment with the highest quality in Muscat and all over Oman. If you are planning to buy  cold storage or cold room, or if you need cold storage equipment, we are ready to provide free consultancy from our experts and accompany you in all stages of purchasing and installing cold storage equipment.


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