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Everything about bolt and nut shelving

Bolt and nut shelving is one of the oldest, best and most economical shelvings on the market. Of course, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, more stylish and better shelves enter the market every day, but bolt and nut shelving is still considered useful, due to its simplicity and advantages. In this article, we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of bolt and nut shelving.

Today, in every environment in which human beings are active, there are accessories and objects that are not used permanently; But they are not so useless that they can be thrown away. Therefore, these materials and supplies must be located and available in a suitable place so that they can be quickly accessed and used when necessary.

Now, if the number of these devices is more than one, which is usually the case, a suitable place should be installed for them. This place can be in houses, warehouses or shops. Now, if we want to make the most of a certain area to store materials, we must create the entire warehouse environment in the form of classification as much as possible so that the equipment can be placed on it. In the past, traditional wood and ledges were used for this purpose, but with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, metal shelving was made and marketed.

Building bolt and nut shelves
One of the best, simplest and oldest shelves is bolted shelving. These types of shelves are still used by people in different places after many years due to their simplicity, variety and abundance. The construction of bolt and nut shelves is so simple that almost everyone can easily assemble and install them as they wish in the shortest time. The construction of these shelves is made of a perforated corner or the same lattice and floor plan, which are connected to each other by bolts and nuts.

The insoles are made in a square or rectangular shape. To make a shelf in each corner of the floor, we place a corner vertically so that the hole in the edge of the corner is next to one of the holes on the shelf. In this case, pass a screw through these holes. We tie the nut on it and by repeating this operation in all four corners of the insole, we create its bases. Now, if the length of these corners is more than the height of the created floor, you can build other floors by adding other insoles in the continuation, and thus continue the construction of the floors until necessary.

Appearance and application of store bolt and nut shelving
At first, bolt and nut shelves were produced only in designs, simple and fixed colors, but with the passage of time and the need of the market for more variety in the shape and dimensions of these shelves, their manufacturers tried shelves in dimensions and shapes. And produce different colors so that today almost all the colors of these shelves can be purchased from the market. Gray and yellow colors were once the most used colors among consumers, but today the orange, pink and white colors of these shelves are also used. The gray color of these shelves is usually used in places that are very old, such as old spare parts or libraries, but in supermarkets and places where the shelves are directly in front of the customer, the bright and cheerful colors of these shelves are also used. Is used.

Due to having multiple holes on its bases, this mesh shelving has the ability to install all kinds of decorative and lighting accessories on it, and therefore consumers can use these products at low prices and cost-effectively to create shelving in Use your environment and turn it into a stylish and classy shelf.

Dimensions of store bolt and nut shelving
Bolt and nut shelving can be made and raised to a height of 9 meters. Also, the opening of this shelf is 65 cm as standard. Screw and nut shelving dimensions are also available in sizes of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 46, 50, 60 cm.

It is also possible to increase the depth or width by placing these shelves together at the same height, which of course doubles the number of bases in this case.

When choosing and buying bolt and nut shelving, the weight and size of the objects to be placed on it should be considered.

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