Warehouse Productivity

5 Practical Tips To Improve Your Warehouse Productivity

Improving warehouse productivity is one of the most important management tasks in all large and small industries, which can significantly reduce material and time costs.

In the warehousing system, there are a set of human resources, machines and equipment, each of which has some costs and some profit. The purpose of improving warehouse productivity is to change the overall structure of the warehouse which ultimately results in more efficiency in terms of time, financial costs, customer satisfaction, and the use of space.

Tips To Improve Your Warehouse Productivity

Many factors have played a role in increasing warehouse productivity, some of which include the following:

1-Optimal use of space

If you’re planning to make some changes in order to improve your warehouse productivity it is advisable to start from initial stages and have a look at your current warehouse shelving system. Is it compatible with your warehouse specific needs?

The warehouse space is not limited to the floor, but it should be considered up to the ceiling. One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of the warehouse is the optimal use of the internal space of the warehouse, which can be achieved not only by choosing the right shelving system, but also by arranging the goods and shelves correctly.

There is a lot of diversity in warehouse shelving systems and each of them is used in a different environment with different requirements. For example, mezzanine shelving system increases warehouse productivity by using the available space up to the ceiling.

With years of experience, Palmore International has made a reputation as a supplier and manufacturer of shelving systems in Oman. Palmore team will stand by your side through all stages of design and installation of warehouse shelving systems in Oman to improve your warehouse productivity.

2-Using warehouse management systems

The improvement of warehouse productivity depends to a large extent on the management policies. In today’s world, warehouse management systems(WMS) are used. These systems control the input, output, current inventory, product specifications and the location of each one, etc. in the best way and with the least possible errors. The software systems used for storage systems are very diverse and the best option can be chosen according to the type of goods and their storage conditions.

3-Strengthening logistics

Receipt of goods, transfer and relocation, arrangement, its exit and maintenance, etc., are a set of operations that are carried out like a constant flow in warehouses and are called logistics. In order to increase the warehouse productivity and improve the work efficiency in it, it is necessary to review the logistics process and check the limitations and gaps completely. In other words, a set of restrictions and problems that disrupt the flow of goods entering, transferring, shifting and exiting, are identified and solutions are provided to solve them.

4-Arrangement of goods

Another way to improve and increase warehouse productivity is to manage the way goods are arranged. The access time to each item and in the process of moving items should be minimized while entry and exit of a product should not cause any damage to other stored products. In addition, goods transfer systems such as forklifts should take the shortest distance. For this purpose, there is a term called warehouse in the warehouse, which specifies that similar goods with the highest input and output should be placed in specific sections and separated from the rest. In other words, by doing this and segregating the essential goods, for example those with a specific expiration date, you have created a warehouse within your warehouse.

Warehouse Productivity

5-Determining KPI

In improving the efficiency of the warehouse, you must first have a correct definition of this problem and specify exactly what affects the correct operation of the warehouse. In other words, what are you looking for in implementing multiple methods to improve warehouse efficiency? Improving the time of delivery of goods to the customer, loading time, the amount of incoming and outgoing cargo per hour or day, etc., each of them can be considered a performance indicator according to the management policies and the type of warehouses. After determining these criteria, which are called KPI, identify and eliminate the factors that exist as an obstacle against them. Defining performance indicators and measuring and checking them can create many solutions to improve the warehouse productivity.


As listed above, there are a bunch of factors, techniques, tips and tricks that can help you  improve your warehouse productivity but choosing the best warehouse shelving system is definitely a necessary step! Don’t hesitate to take this crucial step to improve your business!

If you’re willing to get more info on shelving systems, feel free to contact Palmore International warehousing experts for free consultation.

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