cold storage efficiency

How to increase your cold storage efficiency?

Cold storage efficiency is essential for lowering the Energy consumption( and obviously cost) and Maintaining the product’s quality.

Cold storages are made in different types, but the important thing about all of them is the ability to cool with the least amount of electricity. In fact, an efficient cold room has low electricity consumption and at the same time produces high cooling. In this article from Palmore International, various practical and applicable methods will be discussed to increase the cold storage efficiency.

1- Clean the evaporator and condenser regularly

Evaporator and condenser coils and tubes are very important for the correct and efficient operation of the various types of cold rooms, cold storages and industrial refrigerators. Refrigerant enters the evaporator coils and absorbs the heat inside the refrigerator, and the absorbed heat is transferred to the outside through the condenser unit. Dust and deposits on the evaporator and condenser tubes can interfere with cooling and put a lot of pressure on the compressor.

This means that in order to benefit from maximum performance, you must clean and care for them regularly. So, the first step to increase the cold storage efficiency is to clean the evaporator and condenser coils.

cold storage efficiency

2- Make sure the insulation of the cold room door is standard

This point may seem so simple that it is almost not worth mentioning, but the improper insulation of the door or its not being properly closed will largely cause the produced cold to escape. The result of this work is an increase in electricity consumption and pressure on the compressor.

In some cases, the door not closing well is due to the presence of an obstacle on its sides, and in some cases, the problem is due to the latch of the door and the failure of its mechanism. It has been observed many times that the employees are negligent in closing the door of the cold storage, if this habit is ignored, it will have a great impact on your running costs.

Be sure to check the door daily and make sure that it closes properly and that the insulation rubbers are healthy.

3- Check the insulation quality of the roof and walls

The presence of leakage in the walls and ceiling of the cold storage room causes a significant amount of cooling to be lost.

Cold air can easily leak out through cracks, joints where sandwich panels join, and other damage to the building fabric, so it’s important to identify these and correct them as soon as possible. This can happen in all cold stores.

4- Use an air curtain

If it is necessary to open and close the cold storage door several times a day, there is a possibility of damage to the door hinges and hinges, so the best solution for cold storages with high traffic is to use an air curtain to prevent the cold from escaping. By spending a conventional fee and installing an air curtain, you will largely avoid electricity consumption and increased pressure on refrigeration equipment.

5- Keep food away from the evaporator and the wall

All the products in the cold room must be arranged in a standard way to be at the right temperature. All items should be at least one meter away from the walls and ceiling and at least 30-40 cm away from the cold room floor. They should also have a distance of one to two meters from the evaporators so that the cold can spread well in all directions, otherwise you will see the materials on the side freezing and spoiling the materials further away from the evaporator.

cold storage efficiency

6- Make sure the temperature sensor is calibrated

In some cases, the lack of calibration of the sensor causes freezing or spoilage of food inside the cold storage. sensor calibration will be required to increase the cold storage efficiency and prevent the compressor from running erratically.

7- Check the amount of refrigerant gas

And the last method for increasing your cold storage efficiency is Checking the amount of refrigerant gas. Usually, cold stores have a possibility to check the amount of refrigerant fluid, regularly check the level of refrigerant and if there is any deficiency in its amount, it can detect the leakage of one of the parts of the refrigeration system. In case of neglect, you will witness a sharp increase in the pressure on the compressor and its insufficient cooling, which, if continued, will cause heavy damage to the refrigeration systems of the cold store.

Last word

In this article from the Palmore International blog, a collection of important and practical tips to increase the cold storage efficiency was discussed. If you are the owner of a cold store or want to buy a cold store or need help to buy a cold store, you can get help from Palmore experts for free. Palmore International is a cold storage and cold room manufacturer and supplier in Oman.


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