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What is an Industrial refrigerator?

As it comes from its name, it means a place where cold is produced and used to keep products. These materials often include food, agricultural products, proteins and pharmaceutical products. Although in many other industries, such as chemical and military industries, cold chambers may also be needed. Some Industrial refrigerators are portable and Some of them are fixed.

History of refrigeration
From the very far distant past, human beings used refrigeration for maintaining food. Dodging some of the food products in the dirt or storing these products in the coolers. Use of snow and natural ice molds is one of the examples that can be addressed in this regard. But with the advancement of technology, the industry was also drawn to the construction of cooling devices. In the late nineteenth century, the first devices were made. In these devices, ammonia or water gas was used to produce cold. Later in the decades of the twentieth century, Finish gases were also taken. It was odorless gas, which had an ideal performance in making devastating cycles. In addition, there was no problem like poisoning. The entry of the gas into the prophylactic industry has made the industry wider and the first industrial and household glaciers are also produced in this way. But in 1985, in a contract called Vienna’s contract, it was announced that due to environmental problems, the countries of the formation of crystalline cycles would limit the use of free gases. The same agent has led the manufacturer companies to go to other refrigerant gases and generate different refrigerant gases with different chemical formulas.

Although the construction of refrigeration cycles began in the late nineteenth century, it lasted more than thirty years to make the first cold machines formally. Ammonia gas was used in France, and later the Americans also used this gas as a refrigerant. In 1900, tracheal refrigeration devices entered the commercial market and were used in the food, chemical and ice industry.

Refrigerator categories
The refrigerators are generally divided in four categories.

Home refrigerators or glaciers and freezers

Shop refrigerators that are sometimes known as shopping glaciers.

Commercial refrigerators used in chain stores and restaurants.

Industrial refrigerators cold rooms and cold storages used in various industries in order to store corrupt products.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers keep the temperature of food regulated so it doesn’t spoil. Whether you are shopping for a refrigerator for a kitchen, convenience store, or cafe, there is a wide variety to choose from. You need these commercial refrigerators to ensure the safety of your food products and the health of your customers. In commercial refrigeration systems, internal food temperatures are required to be held at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, according to requirements in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code. Restaurant freezers have to maintain temperatures between -10 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure food stays frozen without degrading in quality.

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Introduction to various types of Industrial refrigerators
The first basis for the classification of Industrial refrigerators is the temperature range. In general, industrial cold stores are divided in two main groups:

above zero Industrial refrigerator

subzero Industrial refrigeration

In the following, we will introduce and review the details of these two types of Industrial refrigerators.

above zero Industrial refrigerator
Maintaining some of the food products and drugs below zero can destroy the chemical and physical tissue of the product and reduce its quality. Sometimes in the manufacturing industry, there may be a need for a room with a certain temperature. In such cases, employers go to high temperature refrigerators. The temperature range of these refrigerators usually fluctuated between zero and positive fifteen degrees Celsius. Choosing the temperature range depends on the refrigerator efficiency and the main goal of its establishment. The most important use of high temperature refrigerators is when you want to keep a product for a short time. This time in maximum mode may not be more than fifteen days. agricultural products and fruits and vegetables are usually kept in this type of Industrial refrigerator. In such cases, the temperature of the product should not reach its freezing point. Among other products that are kept in high temperature refrigerators we can name dairy products, proteins, pharmaceuticals, flowers and plants and ….

subzero Industrial refrigerator
In these refrigerators, the main goal is to freeze food, agriculture, and so on. The temperature range of cold stores can be between the negative five to the negative forty-five degrees; Although the average temperature range for these refrigerators is between negative twelve and negative three degrees Celsius. The main objective of subzero refrigerators is long-term keeping products and the products that are highly sensitive to heat. The below zero refrigerators should not be confused with freezing tunnels; Because in these refrigerators, the temperature remains continuously in this temperature range.

In subzero refrigeration stores, multi-stage compressors are used. In these compressors, the process of compression of the refrigerant fluid is taken in several stages and, as a result, the heat of the refrigerant fluid when leaving the compressor is not very high which has a positive effect on the compressor’s cooling performance. In general, the speed of fluid circulation in the subzero Industrial refrigerator is faster.

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