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Industrial Warehouse Layout Design
Principles and Standards

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A warehouse layout design, as the name implies, is a design that Streamlines the general operations of a warehouse. In this article Palmore International sheds light on some Principles and Standards of cold warehouse and Industrial Warehouse Layout Design.

Important points in warehouse layout design

Calculating warehouse space is one of the most important steps in warehouse layout design. This work is done according to the type of use of the warehouse and the conditions in it. For covered warehouses, about 12 to 15 meters for width, 18 to 30 meters for length and 5 to 7 meters for height should be considered.

The space required for open warehouses, which are mostly used for storing rebar and iron, etc., should be considered about 1000 square meters.A space of about 15.6 square meters should be considered as the warehouse manager’s office and 15 meters for the rest of 4 people.If there is a need to allocate a room for each employee, the size of their room is 3.3 square meters per person.

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Industrial warehouse door and window standards

It is very important to pay attention to the type of doors and windows and their conditions in Industrial warehouse layout design, and accordingly, it is necessary to observe several important principles:

  • The main door of the warehouse should consist of two parts. The large door hinge is used for vehicle traffic and the small door hinge is used for human traffic.
  • The entrance door of the warehouse must be at least 3.5 meters high so that cars can pass without hitting it. The width of these doors is at least 3 meters. Sliding doors and shutters are the most used in warehouses for easy movement of the door and to prevent cars from hitting its frame.
  • Windows should be installed in different parts of the warehouse and rooms.

What was mentioned is only part of the principles of Industrial warehouse layout design. These standards may be different for the warehouses of different products, so we suggest that you read the standards related to your warehouse and consult with experts in this field before proceeding with the design and shelving of the warehouse.

Principles of segmentation in cold warehouse layout design

The cold warehouse space consists of several parts and this space is not used only for arranging shelves. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the division of this space and assigning a suitable environment for office workers, etc. in the warehouse layout design.

Depending on the dimensions and amount of stored products and the height of the cold warehouse ceiling, there are three methods for cold warehouse layout:

1) Using shelving rooms in cold warehouse layout

For rooms with a size of 100 cubic meters or smaller, the simplest type of design is to build rooms with adjustable shelves as a load support system.

This particular category includes a section in the center of the room for temporary storage of vaccines and other small-volume products.

The floor of these cold rooms is usually made of insulated panels, which are strong enough for heavy traffic of people or light trolleys, but not suitable for heavy mechanical handling equipment.

In the case of freezers, it is necessary to install an insulation layer under or between the floor panels. This prevents sub-zero temperatures from spreading to the floor of the building and prevents freezing under the warehouse. Because over time, it causes the ground to freeze and can even break a piece of concrete due to expansion.

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2) Using standing pallets in cold warehouse layout

This method can be used for larger cold rooms where products are stored on pallets and there is not enough height to install pallet racks.

In this method, pallets are moved using manual pallet jacks or electric lifts.

The refrigerator room should be separate and set up to ensure constant temperature distribution inside the room

Floor insulation in warehouses or standing pallets must have sufficient load capacity to support specified mechanical handling equipment. Proper insulation will be done by pouring concrete and using an insulation layer on the floor of the warehouse.

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3) Using pallet racking (pallet box) in cold warehouse layout

If there is enough height to install a pallet rack, a high-height cold room provides enough space for a larger pallet warehouse. Racks should be designed according to the type of mechanical handling equipment used in the warehouse, the need to ensure uniform distribution of air, and any restrictions that may be determined during the preparation of the room heat map.

In the arrangement of the shelves, it is necessary to consider the following items during the design of the warehouse:

  • Shelves should be at least 10 cm away from the wall to allow air circulation.
  • The distance between the shelves should be determined according to the type of goods transportation machines.
  • The lowest floor of the shelves should be at least 10 cm away from the warehouse floor.
  • Coding boards must be installed on all shelves.
  • The traffic path of trucks and forklifts between shelves should be marked with colored stripes on the floor of the warehouse.
  • If there is a lack of space, use multi-story shelves and consider only 60 cm above it for air circulation.
  • Shelves containing products that must be measured with scales and measures should be placed at a short distance from the scale.
  • It is better to arrange the shelves in such a way that the goods that are needed the most are placed at a short distance from the exit door. In addition, the shelves containing goods that are almost similar in terms of characteristics are better to be arranged at a smaller distance from each other.

If you are considering an Industrial warehouse layout design, Don't hesitate to contact our industrial warehouse experts right now! Palmore International warehouse experts are just a call away to provide you with free consultancy.

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