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Introduction to refrigeration shelving

shelving is one of the most important systems for storing and arranging goods. Refrigeration shelving is a type of shelf that its applications include storage of raw materials and food products, arrangement and storage of cosmetics and materials, raw materials and medicines, etc. Join us to introduce this type of shelves.

For walk-in refrigerators and freezers, cold room/refrigeration shelving is essential. Cold room shelving must be modular and adjustable without tools, as well as fit precise dimensions. As a result, the units are kept clean between cleanings, which helps to prevent moisture and corrosion. When there are perishable ingredients present, hygienic shelving also needs to provide adequate ventilation, as well as an easy way to remove the shelves so they can be cleaned. It is easy to clean polypropylene shelving by hand or with a commercial dishwasher, making it ideal for storing food.

What is shelving?

First of all, any structure that can be used to load and create a suitable environment for access, whether made of metal or wood and plastic, is known as a shelf. Although in the past this issue was not significant, but today the need for space and its optimal use to store objects, order and organize goods and other applications, shelves have become an important issue.

Shelving is actually a system that dates back to 70 years ago in Iran and this system is used in warehousing, warehouse management and many other places and applications. Today, shelving systems can be used as a single, combined or mechanized according to the space and needs of users.

What is refrigeration shelving?
As you know, the proper maintenance of agricultural and food products is an important concern and need for producers and distributors in the food industry, which is a major issue in the world. Therefore, storage centers for these products are one of the most important places in the food industry.

Perhaps the most important problem in this type of place is the lack of space. This problem is somewhat solved today by the ways and equipment of maintenance. The most important equipment used to solve this problem are cold storage shelves, which provide a convenient place to store these products and various foods and goods in storage centers.

Why Do You Need Cold Room/Refrigeration Shelving?
It is possible for humidity to build up in cold rooms as a result of maintaining low temperatures. When shelving isn’t built to withstand cold room temperatures, it can rust, and build-up of moisture can cause products to become water-logged.

In addition to being hygienic and durable in low temperatures, freezer and refrigerator shelves allow for appropriate ventilation. In addition to being easy to clean, we offer cold room shelving systems that can also be used for storing food and medicines.

Application of refrigeration shelving
The most important applications of refrigeration shelving can be considered for the storage of heavy goods. In fact, refrigeration shelves can be designed in different models, which depending on the type of products, provide more space for storage.

These goods can be placed on flat pallets or wall pallets and can also be moved with the help of a forklift. Refrigerated shelves can also be used for heavy goods depending on the model. It should also be noted that this type of shelving can be used in refrigerators of restaurants, pizzerias or confectioneries.

In general, it can be said about what refrigerated shelving is, this type of shelves can be considered as a type of storage shelves that are used to store food. Also in response to the question of “what is refrigeration shelving” it should be said that these shelves are produced in different types that can be resistant to different weather conditions.

Refrigerated shelving features
To further introduce what refrigeration shelving is, it should be said that these types of shelves can be different in terms of components and dimensions and structure. To answer what is refrigeration shelving and what are its features, the following should be mentioned:

The number of floors of this type of shelving can be applied up to 5 floors. Flooring intended for this type of shelves In most cases, punched panels with a thickness of 1.5 mm are used.

The height of the bases of this type of shelves varies from 2 to 9 meters and the thickness of the sheet of these bases is 1.5 to 2 mm.

Roll forming bases of this type of shelves are used galvanized sheets to increase the durability.

The bearing capacity of goods in this type of shelving is 200-600 kg.

Due to the fact that galvanized sheets are used in the construction of this type of shelving, they can be washed and disinfected.

The arm that can be installed on this type of shelves is 120 to 150 cm.

What are the benefits of refrigeration shelving?
To summarize the benefits of refrigeration shelving, we can say:

These types of shelves are very reasonably priced and cheaper than other types of shelves. Also, refrigeration shelves are widely used in refrigerators for food and raw materials and their installation and commissioning is done in the shortest time. It should be noted that the strength and endurance of this type of shelves is also very suitable and high. One of the advantages that can be said and can be useful to answer the question of what is refrigeration shelving, is the existence of different types of this type of shelving in different models, which are:

Semi-heavy refrigeration shelf

Steel refrigerator shelf

Heavy freezer shelves Stair panels

Bolt and nut rack

Design and construction of refrigeration shelves
Regarding the design and construction of various types of refrigeration shelves, it can be said that semi-heavy refrigerators have a floor thickness of 0.7, a base thickness of 1.5 cm, a load capacity of 300 kg and a stainless steel galvanized coating. In all types of heavy cold storage shelves, the thickness of the bases is 2 mm, the thickness of the floor is 1 mm, the load bearing capacity is 600 kg and the galvanized coating is stainless.

Design and construction of steel refrigeration rack using 3.4 sheets with a thickness of 1.5 mm bases and a floor thickness of 0.7. These types of shelves can withstand a weight of 300 kg per floor. Bolt refrigeration shelves, which are the most common type of this type of shelves, have a thickness of 1 – 0.7 mm, a thickness of 2 mm and a load capacity of 80 kg per pan.

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