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An Introduction to Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pump is a pumping device powered by solar energy(and not fuel-burning mechanisms) for pumping water. Which consists of a solar pumping inverter and pump. Solar water pumps can be used in residential and commercial spaces such as swimming pools, fountains, agricultural irrigation, desert control and daily water supply, etc. Due to the use of solar panels, solar water pumps can reduce or even eliminate the cost of energy and be considered as a more feasible and economic option.

Solar water pump and agriculture

The use of solar power in water pumping systems can play a significant role in assisting and accelerating the development of agriculture in dry countries as the entire world switches over to solar energy. The concept of solar-powered irrigation is used in many regions around the world today and it is known as solar-powered irrigation.

As we discussed previously, solar water pumps are an efficient, eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to traditional pump sets driven by electricity or fuel, as they are clean, simple, and simple to install. As part of an environmentally friendly approach to agriculture, they can also be used to exploit all parts of the world, whether they are developed or poor, as they can be used in all regions.

As a result of their enormous potential for productive use and agricultural productivity, solar water pumps are now being used as part of a growing number of agriculture projects. Considering that 40% of the global population relies on agriculture for its main source of income, access to water continues to be an ongoing challenge for many people around the world. Solar aims to introduce a cost-effective future to around 500 million small-scale farmers around the world by changing this and providing them with a sustainable means of generating electricity.

solar water pump - palmore international llc

Different types of solar water pump system

There are three main components that are essential to a solar water pump system: an electric motor, a photovoltaic array, and a pump. The solar water pumping systems, on the other hand, are normally classified as either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) systems depending on their motor’s ability to pump water. 

DC solar water pump and its components

As we said, the power consumption of these types of pumps is DC, so these pumps can be directly connected to solar panels. A DC water pump system consists of three or four parts, which include the pump, solar panel, support structure and controller, the last one is usually for water pumps with a power of more than half a horsepower.

AC solar water pump and its components

Considering that the electricity required by these pumps is AC, we cannot connect them directly to the solar panels that produce DC electricity.

To use an AC water pump with solar panels, we need a converter to convert the DC power of the panels into AC power. In addition, AC pumps require a lot of electricity at the moment of starting, and to control it, we must use a starting system, which, in addition to controlling the initial starting current of the pump, increases the life of the pump.

In the AC water pump system, we use a device called solar pump inverter to convert DC electricity to AC and control the primary current of the pump. Therefore, it can be said that to install an AC solar water pump, we need a water pump, solar panel, panel support structure and drive.

Solar pump water flow

The water flow rate of solar pumps, like other pumps, is called the diameter of the water coming out of the pump. Depending on your needs, you may need a pump with low or high water pressure.

solar water pump - palmore international llc

Last word

If you live in areas where there is no possibility of power supply for the use of pumps and there is not enough water available to irrigate fields and livestock; And on the other hand, you don’t intend to pay monthly expenses for your device, it is better to use a solar water pump.

Solar water pumps are a very suitable option for desert and dry areas and can transform the agricultural conditions in these areas. In other areas, the use of these systems helps to protect the environment and prevent energy loss.

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