Types of store shelving

Using Store Shelving is so common in most stores, from a tire store to a multi-storey property or street stalls, all of which use shelves to store and display items.

Shelving, installation and usually dismantling are some of the costs that a store should consider. The shape and appearance of the shelves can increase sales or, conversely, reduce sales. Therefore, it is one of the important cases that should be carefully considered and carefully selected.

There are many ways to arrange products on the shelves. There are also different types of store shelving methods. There are shelves with different capabilities and different product and store models, produced and available in the market.

The most important place where the customer looks at the products. A large part of the visual beauty of any store depends on the shelving of that store, including its design, color and size. The shelf should be in a way that in retail stores somehow invite customers to buy.

This plays an important role in marketing. But other than this, the choice of shelves is a very scientific issue and there should be proper design and monitoring of the arrangement of shelves and their type and size.

Shelves are available in different materials and construction methods. An important point to consider when buying shop supplies and equipment is how to install and open it. We need to think about whether these shelves are going to be moved soon, and in that case we need to use the shelves that are easy to install and remove.

To choose the right shelf for your store, consider the following:

Shelving material should be suitable with the product

The shelf where food is stored should naturally be different from the detergent shelf. The products you sell that are in dire need of the packaging they need. If this is done well, it will have a big impact on sales. In this context, it is important to know what kind of surface is in direct contact with the product? For example, if the parts are heavy, sharp and winning, you should not use a wooden shelf. And it may be damaged and lose its quality due to leaving and removing the product, causing damage and costs to your business.

What is the weight of the products you put on the shelves?
Be sure to consider the weight of the products when choosing a shelf. The shelf must have the necessary capacity to hold the load and not be damaged. If you have heavy parts and products, separate them from metal or wooden shelves with short lengths. On the other hand, you do not need to put light products on very large shelves. For these products, weaker shelves are used, which have a lower cost.

Choose the style and icon of your store shelving to suit your work
Due to the development of industries, there are all kinds of shelves in the market or any design can be produced. You even have a goal and an idea for your business, try to make that idea appear in the style of your shelves. The color, design and size of the shelves of a bookstore should be different from a hypermarket. Try to harmonize the concept of your brand with the image, color and decor of your store.

Use store shelvings that reduce the possibility of theft as much as possible
Shelves are stolen on a daily basis in many stores, and simply putting up with CCTV cameras can not solve this problem alone. The shape and design of the shelves is very effective in increasing or decreasing the possibility of stealing from the shelves. In choosing and designing shelves, keep in mind that it is difficult to steal products that occur in department stores; For example, in such a way that there is enough visibility for the products inside the shelves from all directions.

Store Shelving System

The store shelving is one of Palmore's solutions.

Choose shelves that block traffic for customers

Too many people visit hypermarkets and giant chain stores every day. So it is normal that sometimes the crowd in the store is very large. Most people who come to shop usually use the store’s wheeled and metal baskets to find and carry goods. One of the problems, especially in hypermarkets, is that due to the large number of customers, parts of the corridors are crowded with traffic and traffic is difficult. Especially when people carry their own shopping cart. The shelves and the products that are placed in each place should be designed in such a way that these problems are minimized.

Use a shelf that fits your space
Definitely one of the most important things and the limitations that exist in stores is the limitation of space. You may have a large store or a small store. In any case, you should pay attention to the size of the shelves and the available space in designing the spaces and interior decoration. Placing small shelves on which not enough products can be placed will naturally increase the cost of the store and cause overtime.

Regarding the types of store shelving, the following items can be considered in terms of the type of store:

Supermarket and hypermarket shelving
Hypermarkets and supermarkets are a format of physical stores that are among the largest formats in terms of dimensions and size. Hypermarket refers to the largest types of retail stores, which is also very diverse and complete in terms of product variety. In this type of store a full range of goods from a variety of groceries to A variety of clothing and home appliances are offered.

Supermarkets are smaller formats compared to hypermarkets, but at the same time the variety of products offered in them, especially in the group of consumer goods, is complete.

Shelving of supermarkets and hypermarkets can be very diverse due to the large store space. From single and double sided shelves to island and round shelves are used in these stores. Choosing the type and material of shelves in this store is very important due to the high frequency of filling and emptying, as well as the self-service type of service and the need for all customers to have access to the arranged goods. Shelves and storefronts are among the equipments that, due to their special location, are very effective in showing the group of goods that we intend to increase their sales.

Rock shelving
Shelves used in equipping different types of warehouses are different from different types of store shelves due to differences in the type, size and volume of stored goods. This type of shelf, commonly known as rock shelf, has columns, arms and braces, which depending on the type of use, horizontal, cross and zigzag braces are used to increase safety and strengthen its columns. Heavy rock shelving is one of the most widely used shelves in the warehouse area.

These types of shelves can generally be equipped to a high height, and therefore the optimal use of building space is possible.

Chain store shelves
Chain stores are expanding rapidly today. Because of their integrated management, these stores have special standards in various fields from store equipment and supply to product layout standards. Therefore, the shelves used in these stores follow a specific framework that depends on several factors such as: store area, type of use, type of product, product variety and number of SKUs and some other items such as design standards and organizational color.

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