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Types and applications of pallets and pallet boxes

A pallet is a device made of wood or plastic or metal and is used to move goods and goods in a stable and safe manner.

Pallets and Pallet boxes are a type of bottom carrier plate that are used today to facilitate the transportation of goods in small and large warehouses and cold stores. Pallets and Pallet boxes are produced in different types of wood, metal and polymer. The use of these tools, in addition to simplifying the transportation of goods, also allows the movement of heavy and asymmetric tools.

Application and advantages of pallets
Pallets are generally made to transport goods by forklift and also play a protective role to prevent load damage. Today, pallets are made in different types and dimensions, but the most common type are flat double-sided and four-sided pallets. One of the advantages of using pallets is the use of the entire volume of warehouses and improving the arrangement of goods. The use of pallets also reduces accidents and transportation costs compared to the manual method, and makes the work of warehousing and inventory easier.

Types of pallets
Pallets are classified according to the type of ingredients and the most common types are wooden pallets, metal pallets and polymer pallets. In the continuation of this article, we will examine the types of pallets and the advantages and disadvantages of its different types separately.

Wooden pallet
The first pallets produced in the industry are wooden pallets that are produced in two ways and flat. If both sides of the pallet are made, both sides of the pallet can be used to arrange the goods.

Advantages: The high friction of wood creates more balance and confidence in the arrangement of goods and wooden pallets will not slip on the surface of the warehouse hall. Also, wooden pallets have less weight and manufacturing cost than other types of pallets and can be easily repaired in case of damage.

Disadvantages: Wooden pallets do not have good strength and due to their flammability, they may cause fire. Also, these pallets have a shorter life than other types of pallets and if they are exposed to moisture, they will wear out over time.

Metal pallets
Metal pallets are made of galvanized sheets that are welded together or bolted together‌.

Advantages: The safety of this type of pallets is much higher than wooden pallets and due to the use of metal in its construction, they do not catch fire and are also less prone to wear. Depreciation and damage of this type of pallets are very low and require less maintenance and therefore have a longer useful life than wooden pallets.

Disadvantages: The biggest problem with metal pallets is their low coefficient of friction, which can cause slipping and damage during stacking. These pallets also cost more to make than wooden pallets and are not very affordable.

Polymer pallets

These pallets are produced in the factory as a single unit and compressed polymers are used in its manufacture.

Advantages: Polymer pallets or plastic pallets are fireproof and have good resistance to chemicals and will not have problems when exposed to moisture. The strength of these pallets is more than the wooden type and their one-piece construction has reduced their weight.

Disadvantages: If these pallets are exposed to sunlight, they will wear out and shorten their life, and in case of damage, it will not be possible to repair them. In the design of this type of pallets, their coefficient of friction can be increased, but in general, they have less friction than wooden pallets, and if substandard materials are used in their construction, its strength is reduced and they disappear very quickly.

What is a pallet box and what does it do?
Pallet boxes are one of the types of pallets that have a protective wall. The presence of a protector in the box of pallets makes it possible to move asymmetrical and sensitive goods with them. This type of pallet is usually made of metal and has various uses. Pallet boxes simplify the work of storing special and high-altitude goods, and increase the safety of transporting sensitive goods using it. Also, in cases where the product is not in stable equilibrium or for transporting asymmetric goods and small items, using a pallet box will help more than pallets.

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