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Pallet racking system installation in Oman

If you are planning to buy a cold warehouse in Muscat, it’s better to act wisely and hire an expert and professional cold warehouse supplier who guarantees premium quality products, equipment and services within your time and budget. Believe it or not, due to the lack of proper cold storage set up every year many fruits and vegetables and agricultural products become wastage here. This huge waste can be prevented if different types of businesses like agriculture and farming, real estate,mining and food beverage start using proper cold storage for storing their products. We have proudly completed our Racking systems installation project in Al Mawalih fruits and vegetable market. Our client is a marquee player in Building materials and FMCG (Frozen Commodities, Dry Commodities, and Fresh Produce) segment in Sultanate of Oman. Initially the group was trading and known into building materials only, from recent years the group has diversified its business into FMCG. The group has been rapidly expanding into different sectors within Oman. It has one of the largest networks of distribution, covering more than 30 cities across the Sultanate of Oman. They have more than 15,000 items under one roof and represent many international building materials brands.

FMCG division has expanded into 5 distribution centers and Central logistics of 5000 pallet positions with various temperature and ripening chambers. This 3pl logistics is equipped with world class equipment and cold storage facilities. In the client’s endeavor to develop an adaptable racking system inside a cold room.

Palmore International LLC (PIL) had implied pallet racking system which is considered to be a key solution to most warehousing issues, the installed pallet racking system addressed the following challenges which the client had:

Working warehouse: It was a working warehouse wherein daily operation of storage and retrieval can’t be ceased. Being Fruits and vegetables perishable it was also not allowed to keep it outside the controlled temperature. So with these challenges racking work was needed to be carried out within the constraint of scarcity of space.
Cold room maintenance: While racking work was going on, the client was told to do maintenance work on the cold room by the facility owner.

Different types of SKUs: The client wanted to store Fruits and vegetables which comes under different sizes and packaging and it was a herculean task to standardize the solution
Selection of Optimal racking Solution: Selecting a better racking solution was a challenge to the client because of less expertise in the field.

After analyzing the nature of the client’s problem, PIL had investigated the facts and figures right from measurement of warehouse, measurement of each and every SKUs, understanding the operation of warehouse, etc.

The second step was the consultative approach was done to define a solution which could fulfill client’s requirements and address his challenges in this project. And by studying complete warehouse operation, SKUs, Materials handling Equipment (MHE) and cold room details properly made to fit the racking solution, and was defined with mutual agreement with the client. Wire Mesh shelving was proposed on the beam levels so that proper ventilation/ air flow and light exposure can be maintained inside the cold room. Also such wire mesh shelves help to a greater extent for water sprinklers in case of fire.

Note that during all stages of the project a very robust method of synchronization

between warehouse ongoing operation and project team of PIL was done. Also clear communications for progress of the site was done effectively to all the stakeholders from time to time. The client had gained benefits from installing a pallet racking system with PIL, such as: high Cubic volume capacity covering major SKUs, easy retrieval of materials, compatibility of fire safety, well thought ventilation design for better light exposure and air flow, upright guards for Safety against sudden impact of forklift, and high quality powder coated racking materials which are corrosion resistance.

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