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How to maintain metal shelves?

Due to the fact that metal shelvings are installed and used in different environments with moisture, they are in danger of rusting and corrosion over time. Preventing metal shelvings parts from corrosion or rust is one of the very important tasks that is done to increase the life of the structure and prevent shelving floors from breaking and falling.

Take the prevention of metal shelf components from rotting seriously

In standard mode, these shelves should be produced from quality metals with galvanized coating to have good resistance against rust. But this important issue may not be paid attention to and inappropriate metals may be used in metal shelves. The chemical reaction that metals establish in contact with moisture and other corrosive substances will lead to corrosion and disintegration of their surface. For this reason, the color is changed first and rotting is observed in them over time.

If any of the components of the metal shelvings, such as bolts and nuts, panels and barriers, get rotten, they will not last against the heavy weight of the goods and cracks will appear on them. Cracks on the surface of metal shelves and its various parts will greatly reduce the bearing capacity of the shelves. Breaking and falling shelves not only cause material damage, but also cause loss of people’s life. For this reason, one of the most important tasks is to check all parts of the shelves periodically to prevent the rotting of the metal shelf components.

How to prevent the metal shelvings from rusting?

Considering that prevention is always a better idea, the health of metal shelvings and their components should be guaranteed by taking several measures. The following few measures can be effective to prevent rusting of metal shelves and their various components:

Buy a quality metal shelf
One of the most important standards in the production of metal shelves is the use of stainless steel with galvanized coating. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to this important issue from the beginning of setting up the warehouse. The standard metal shelvings not only have a stainless coating, but their bodies have high strength and can withstand the heavy weight of goods and various items inside the floors. It should also be noted that the material used for metal shelves must have a hot galvanized coating, because the cold type of these coatings cannot withstand contact with sharp objects and rust will gradually occur from the scratched parts.

Preventing metal shelving components from rotting by repairing them
According to the type and severity of rust, it is necessary to use different methods for repairing them. For example, you can clean minor rust with polish and a dishwashing wire. For moderate rusts, you can use a brush, and if the metal corrosion is severe, use sandpaper.

Replacement of metal shelf components
Monitoring and checking the condition of different parts of the warehouse’s metal racks is one of the important tasks and actions that must be done periodically. In order to prevent metal rack components from rotting, the defective parts should be replaced as soon as possible. For example, if one of the panels is rusted and has cracks, if anti-rust and welding the damaged parts does not solve the problem, you should replace it.

Use stainless steel for the metal shelvings
Another important point for preventing metal shelf components from rotting is the use of anti-rust. Try to paint the body of the metal shelves regularly with special paints that are not water-based. Phosphoric acid, linseed oil and oil paints can all be ideal options for this purpose.

First, thoroughly clean the rusted surface with a brush or sandpaper. Then a layer of special material should be applied as a lining. Finally, two layers of oil paint or other anti-rust paint can greatly affect the strength of the shelf body.

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One of the most important parts of metal shelves, which are highly susceptible to rust and decay, are their bases. Due to the fact that the bases of these shelves are in contact with moisture when washing the floor of the warehouse, they rust and rot more than the other parts. so warehouse floors should be standardized and a sufficient slope should be considered to prevent water accumulation on the floor.

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