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Customize pallet racking system was the answer for Philex Pharmaceutical needs

Our Solution

Due to the multiple selectivity products and storage density for palletized finished material loads and different temperatures needed for different palletize boxes, our team worked closely with clients technical managers to reach a system that could satisfy their needs focusing on heights. meant to set up a selective pallet racking system that utilized the maximum height of each warehouse. To achieve that, we worked tirelessly on revisions in racking layout design and shared every question and ideas with clients from time to time.

By designing a storage system in the best possible way for different pharmaceutical products in their budget for pallet racking price, we enabled our client to maximize the inventory of their valuable pallet positions, to increase efficiency and speed of picking of each and every pallet.

To reach this goal, a custom racking storage system was designed and built in 11 meter height by 9 levels. We submitted design load calculations & finite element analysis (FEA) for our new racking design to guarantee the solution proposed by Palmore is as per prevailing standards of racking system. Palmore International’s Selective pallet racking system installed and reached maximum in pick SKU, the selectivity advantage of this storage system was the key factor.

This project was a new Selective pallet racking system design, supply and installation. To enable clients to put in and take out all raw materials and finished products from more than 11 meter height. Now they are able to store raw material using their sensitive production line in the shortest time, and ready packed medicines in a highly organized manner.


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