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Types of metal warehouse shelving

Types of warehouse shelving used in industrial and semi-industrial environments as well as home warehouses and stores can be classified based on various factors. Due to the very high diversity in warehouse shelving and the different applications of each and the very important role of matching the characteristics of the shelves with the type of goods and warehouse sheds, we will have a comprehensive look at the types of home, industrial and semi-industrial metal shelves.

Industrial and semi-industrial warehouse shelving
Despite the widespread use of shelves in stores and homes, most and the main shelves produced and available in the market are designed for industrial and semi-industrial environments. These shelves have several important features that differentiates them from other shelves, their most important features is their metal body and strength. In other words, all types of industrial warehouse shelving are all metal and are fixed with special fittings to prevent them from falling in the event of a collision with a forklift or the weight of the floors.

Depending on the design of the shelves as well as the metal material used for the body and their other components, each shelf has different resistance against the weight of the goods placed in each floor. Accordingly, the types of metal shelves in the warehouse can be divided into two groups: heavy shelving and light shelving, each of which has several subsets, which are:

Heavy duty warehouse shelving
For the smart storage of medium and heavy load goods, the heavy duty shelving system is designed. The system is flexible and safe, and it can be adapted according to the changing needs of the business. Heavy-duty shelving provides direct access to all stored items while storing a variety of items. Products are manually deposited and retrieved from shelves in these systems, which are based on the person-to-product principle. At palmore international we provide the most suitable storage solution for your specific requirements.

These shelves, as their name implies, have a very high resistance to the weight of goods and are widely used in industrial warehouses. Some of The most important heavy shelves include the following:

Pallet rack shelving
It is the most common and most practical type of warehouse shelving, the most important features of which are very high resistance to the weight of goods and no limit on the number of floors inside the warehouses. pallet rack shelving consists of frames, columns, multiple pallets according to the type of goods (barrel pallets, pulleys, profiles, flat pallets), cross and horizontal braces, arm locks and interfaces, all of which are metal. These shelves are different in terms of size and depth of the opening and their dimensions are determined according to the type of goods.

Drive in/Drive-Through Rack
Another type of shelving in the warehouse that has a very good resistance to the heavy weight of goods and makes the most of the interior space of the warehouse. These shelves are very similar in appearance to the pallet rack and the only difference is in removing the extra corridors. In other words, in this shelving system, the corridors are removed and the pallets, which have openings of 135 and 150 cm, are placed next to each other.

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Warehouse shelving systems

Due to the elimination of corridors between different rows in this type of warehouse shelving, the goods should be arranged by forklift and the goods are arranged in each row from the end to the beginning. It should be noted that the method of harvesting the goods from the shelves of the corridor is FIFO, meaning that the goods that were arranged earlier, will be taken out earlier than the rest. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the expiration date of the goods at the time of using this shelf. drive in Racks can be used in various warehouses, some of which are: Arrangement of heavy goods produced in industrial and semi-industrial factories Arrangement and maintenance of raw materials for factories and workshops Applications of these shelves include the following: Arrangement and maintenance of spare parts in factories and workshops Arrangement of barrels, tires, large appliances Storage of food in refrigerators Maintenance of factory raw materials storage of the pharmaceutical products and medicine

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Difference between Racking and Shelving

Bulk storage racks
Panel rack shelving or Bulk Storage Racks is another type of warehouse shelving that has a metal body and is one of the few shelves in which the arrangement of goods is done by a human operator. One of the most important features of this shelving is the existence of stairs between the floors, which facilitates the movement of semi-heavy goods for human operators. These shelves can be increased up to 5 floors depending on the conditions of the warehouse environment as well as the weight of the goods, and the use of cross and horizontal braces to a large extent guarantee their durability. Applications of Bulk Storage Racks include:

Maintenance of products of pharmaceutical and detergent factories

Storage of food in cold stores

Arrangement and maintenance of medium-sized appliances

Storage of raw materials and spare parts

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