humidifier in cold storage

Using a humidifier in cold storage

Using a humidifier in cold storage helps to Preserve freshness in fruits and vegetables, Prevents product weight loss,etc.

Have you ever wondered why the fruits in the cold storage are very fresh and refreshing, despite the fact that they have been picked for a long time? This freshness and freshness in the fruits of the cold stores has been created thanks to the use of a humidifier in cold storage

In the following, Palmore International, the manufacturer of cold storage, explained the reasons for the importance of using a humidifier in cold storage and its benefits.

Why should you use a humidifier in your cold storage/cold room?

In order to keep fruit, meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, etc. healthy and fresh in cold storage, it is necessary to provide special environmental conditions. For example, in a cold store for apples, the humidity of the environment should be close to 95% in order to keep high quality fruit. 

As you know, the humidity in a cold room is regulated by different types of humidifiers. It should be noted that the humidifier will not be useful in cold stores with a temperature below zero degrees Celsius due to the freezing of fog and water droplets.

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Do I need a humidifier in my cold storage?

If you keep any of the following items in your cold storage, having a humidifier in your cold storage can help you:

Fruit and vegetable cold storage

Chicken and poultry cold storage

Cold storage of red meat and protein industries

Fish and shrimp cold storage

Cold storage of dairy products

Food refrigerator

The benefits of using a humidifier in cold storages with temperatures above zero degrees Celsius:

1- Preserving freshness in fruits and vegetables

One of the main reasons for using a humidifier in cold storage is to increase the humidity of the environment in addition to cooling the environment. If the humidity of the environment is low, the water inside the tissue of fruits, vegetables, etc. will evaporate and this will also destroy the freshness of the fruit.

For example, in a cold room, an ultrasonic humidifier is used. This humidifier increases the humidity of the environment to the desired level by producing a very light and cold mist.

humidifier in cold storage

2- Preventing product weight loss

Fruits and plants continue to breathe and grow after being picked from the tree and harvested. If there is no humidity, temperature and oxygen required for fruits and vegetables in the cold room, their breathing will be difficult and they will lose their quality. 

If the humidity in the air in the cold room is less than the required amount, as mentioned, the fruit will gradually lose its internal water and in the same way, it will lose its weight.

Losing fruit weight can cause a lot of financial loss for you. Therefore, it is necessary to use a humidifier in cold storage.

3- Preventing the product from sagging and wrinkling

Most of the volume of fruits and vegetables consists of water. In case of lack of humidity and decrease of humidity in the cold room, the water in the tissue of fruits and vegetables evaporates and loses weight. All the said things have caused the skin of the fruit to shrivel up and get a dehydrated and misshapen texture.

4- Creating pleasant cold

As you know, the presence of moisture in the air of the cold storage and fruit storage also reduces the ambient temperature. As a result, the fruit can be stored for a longer period of time and stays fresher.

5- Fruit coloring and fruit ripening control

Usually, most fruits, such as bananas and mangoes, are picked unripe and ripen in cold storage. For this purpose, ethylene gas and humidity of 95% are used to ripen the fruit and remove their pulp. Therefore, another benefit of using a humidifier in cold storage is to help the fruits ripen.

humidifier in cold storage


In this article, 5 reasons were presented that show the importance of using a humidifier in cold storage with a temperature above zero degrees Celsius. In short, increasing humidity in the cold storage prevents the decrease in quality and weight of the product, and in the cold storage, it also causes the fruits to ripen.

Be careful that low humidity causes dryness, weight loss and flattening of the product, and high humidity also causes fungus and mold to grow in the cold room. 

If you own a cold storage facility or are planning to start one, Palmore International experts are ready to help you and answer your questions.

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