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5 Important Principles of warehouse management

Warehouse management is not an easy job and it needs to be done with proper planning and based on specific principles; In other words, to properly manage a warehouse, one should be well acquainted with its management principles; If you manage your warehouse with these principles in mind, you are sure to get great result:

1-Customer-oriented management
2-Precise workflow and control
3-Creating a flexible system
4-Data determines the roadmap
5-Being up-to-date and using technology

1-Customer-oriented management
It is quite clear that not only your marketing strategies but also your warehouse management strategies should be in a way that the customer wants; They don’t tell you how to manage your products. While their consumer preferences and buying behavior will inform you about the type of inventory you should keep in your warehouse and how to ship it. How to load products quickly, the absence of causal errors and no delay when sending customer orders are among the most important demands of customers that should be addressed.

Each collection must achieve the right balance between productivity and product management based on customer orders, and warehousing in this way will not be realized unless having clean and real-time data collected in a mechanized manner.

For example, if you have products that your customers love and you receive high-volume orders, then you need to streamline the warehousing operations of this important space in such a way that the products are efficiently stacked and quickly shipped from the stacking location in the shortest possible time. and download without error. You provide your customers’ orders with a better ordering process if you use mechanized and up-to-date software and systems to organize warehouse processes so that these systems provide real-time information for improvement. In addition, the customer-oriented management approach brings with it a hassle-free return or smooth refund policy, and the system provides a more transparent tracking for your customers.

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2-Warehouse management with precise workflow and control
Knowing what to do is not as misleading as applying the knowledge to apply. If you are designing a strategy for an operational plan for some department, you need to make sure that the strategy is executed as perfectly as possible.

To ensure this, you need to establish appropriate workflows, processes, rules and protocols so that by requiring warehouse workers to follow warehouse processes, people work in harmony and achieve common goals.

3-Flexibility in the warehouse management system
Workflows, protocols and rules are critical, but so is being able to quickly change strategies and work towards improved strategies.

It may happen that suddenly the data shows you that the warehousing processes are changing and you need to change the workflows or part of it. Therefore, in this case, the whole department, including the warehouse management system, should be able to implement another operational plan with the least possible friction.

4-Data determines the roadmap
It’s imperative that you let data guide you, whether it’s data about customer behavior or information about your inventory returns.

You should not make a decision first and then check the data, but; Instead, you should first examine the data and then make a decision; The importance of data in the warehouse is very important as in all other parts of the business.

Even after you make your decision based on data, you should always look at the data. Never assume that everything will be perfect because there will always be some part that needs improvement. For this reason, warehouse management is not something that you can relax and let everything happen by itself; This will never happen.

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5-Be up-to-date and use technology in your warehouse management
Mobile is very vital to keep up with ever-advancing technologies; Normally, we never know when software or a piece of robotic equipment can simplify our warehouse operations; For this reason, one should be aware of the presence of new technologies.

For example, companies like Nike pay Boston-based predictive analytics firms millions of dollars to design software that can predict demand.

Software such as warehouse and inventory management software, data aggregation tools and other robotic tools can make a big difference in warehouse management and of course the amount of working capital of any business. Therefore, it is very important to be familiar with new technologies for storage. However, you need to be absolutely sure of the technology you are implementing and know that it is as useful and valuable as the money you spend.

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