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What Are Pallet Rack Accessories?

Pallet rack accessories which can be added to the pallet rack, make it possible to arrange and store different goods in different sizes and weights safely.

Pallet rack is one of the best and most widely used warehouse shelving systems in various industries for storing all kinds of heavy and bulky pallet loads, which are placed and picked up by various machines such as forklifts. In general, any product that can be arranged on a pallet or box pallet can be used in this type of shelving system.

Having various dimensions and bearing various weights, Pallet rack accessories and different arrangement capabilities are among the special advantages of this type of shelving system, which make it different from other types of shelving systems. 

With various and practical capabilities, pallet rack is a suitable and optimal system for storing all kinds of raw materials, parts, products and goods in all industries and organizations.

The width and height of the pallet racks has a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. On the other hand, this system can be used in combination with the panel rack to double the capabilities and benefits of using it.

The width of the aisles required in the pallet rack is variable and completely depends on the type of loading machine and the dimensions of the pallet used and the height of the warehouse ceiling.

Palmore International is a manufacturer and supplier of pallet racks and pallet rack accessories with the highest quality for your warehouse in the specific dimensions you need. Palmore warehouse experts are ready to provide free consultation regarding your storage needs. In addition, Palmore supplies all the pallet rack accessories and equipment with the highest quality.

pallet rack accessories

Pallet rack accessories such as Wire Deck, Pallet Support, etc., which can be added to the pallet rack, make it possible to arrange and store different goods in different sizes and weights safely.

pallet rack parts


A universal style wire deck differs from a step style wire deck in that it has support channels under its wire grid. It is possible to get a universal style pallet rack beam with a flared out channel, so that it can be fitted to almost any style of pallet rack beam, whether it is a box style or a step style. Only the wire mesh decks of the step style can be mounted on the beams of the step style.

With wire decking, you can build a safe deck that meets all OSHA standards. It is a requirement for many municipalities and cities for the rack decking to be permeable to water or fire suppression agents from overhead sprinkler systems to ensure that it is fireproof. In addition to letting water drip through the wire deck to the lower levels of the racking, wire decks make it possible for people below to remain safe from objects that may fall.

Column Guards

It is a great idea to protect your investment in your storage system from errant forklift drivers and other warehouse mishaps by using a column guard or post protector. They can either be attached directly to the upright’s column or they can be completely separate from the rack post. The use of a post protector or a column protector as a means of protecting pallet rack uprights is a very cheap insurance policy against the extensive damage that can be caused by forklift accidents to your storage systems and row spacers as a result of forklift damage.

Wire Deck

Wire shelf decking improves safety and visibility in your pallet storage system.

Even Though Wire Deck is  not specifically designed for point loading, it is able to support up to 2,500 lbs. of an evenly distributed load. However, the front and rear pallet rack beams should still typically support most loads.

There are several different types of wire shelving, but universal/flared shelves and step style shelves are the most common.

Pallet Support

This type of support is well named since it provides support to the undersides of pallets, as well as providing strength to them. There should be two pallet supports at the front and rear of each pallet, but it is still required that the load rests on both front and rear beams. There should be a matching depth of pallet supports to that of pallet rack uprights when ordering pallet supports.

Pallet supports can be classified into four main types:


This rests in and overhangs the beam steps without any overhanging beams.


These only rest in the beam steps without any beam overhang.


Again, these rest only on the beam steps and have no overhang – however, they are typically bolted to each beam so that each rack component can be rigid.


It is necessary to use these with slotted beams since they “clip” into various slots along the beams to ensure a more stable structure.

Pallet Rack Accessories 02

Safety Panels & Straps

Every material handling warehouse has to deal with the hazard of falling loads from time to time. In order to prevent damage and injury to stock items caused by falling loads, safety panels, rack safety netting or safety straps are engineered in such a way as to create a sturdy barrier between the stocked items on the rack and the ground below.

Raw materials and other storage items are prevented from falling off material handling storage racks using wire mesh panels, rack safety netting, and safety straps. In areas with high traffic, they can also create an extra layer of security.

Back-to-Back Ties and Row Spacers

Rack accessories like back-to-back or back-to-wall ties and row spacers are also popular.

In order to keep racks at set spacings from either walls or other rows of pallet racks, these wall and row spacers are connected to them and hold them rigidly in place. The spacers are used at the top and bottom of each upright in a row of racking so that they can be clearly seen. It is typically recommended that these ties be used when the height of an upright is more than six times the depth of the upright, however, if you are at all concerned about stability, these ties may be a good option to consider.


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