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What is a solar projector?

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Solar projector is one of the components of solar systems. Before we talk about how the solar projector functions and its applications, it is better to provide a definition of the projector.

What is a projector?

A projector or spotlight is a device that is used to illuminate different environments such as gardens, reception halls, courtyards, swimming pools, advertising billboards, etc. considering that the use of electricity for such projectors is expensive. So the plan of using solar energy for projectors has been proposed. In addition to reducing costs, the use of solar energy prevents damage to nature.

What is a solar projector?

The solar projector is one of the components of the solar system, another name of which is the solar lamp. As its name suggests, this projector is powered by solar energy and does not use cables and wiring. However, it should be noted that cabling is done in this type of projectors, so the type of cabling is completely different. It is waterproof. In fact, solar projectors have a separate solar panel and special cables that are used to connect the panel to the solar projector. In addition, it is better to know that due to the fact that solar energy is used in this type of projectors, it can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes.

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How do solar projectors work?

After receiving the sun’s energy, solar projectors convert it into electricity and then store the existing electricity in the batteries (the existence of batteries and electricity storage makes it possible to use the projectors both for indoor or outdoor purposes).

solar projector

Solar projector components

The following equipment are used in the structure of solar projectors:

– Solar Panel

– battery

– battery charger

– LED chip

– Motion sensor

– Projector frame

– Related cables and connections

Advantages of using solar projector

Solar projectors have high absorption power and absorb sunlight with great power.

– The exposure power of these projectors is very high.

– The use of solar projectors is very economical and has reasonable costs.

– The installation of this type of equipment is very easy, and there is no need for sockets, wiring and keys in its installation.

– It is waterproof.

– Has a simple and beautiful design

– The body of these projectors is made of aluminum, that’s why it is very durable.

– Moving these types of projectors is very convenient and easy.

– It has a remote control with a range of 8 to 10 meters with the ability to adjust the amount and time of exposure of the solar projector

– These types of projectors are very safe and secure.

The lifetime of the solar projector

One of the most important issues to pay attention to when buying solar projectors is the battery used in it because the amount of battery usage has a direct relationship with the life of the projector. As you know, the lifespan of all batteries is measured by a component called cycle, where each cycle is equal to charging and discharging the battery completely. In fact, the higher the number of life cycles of a battery, the higher the quality of that battery will be.

Note: Keep in mind that factors such as humidity, atmospheric conditions and high temperature have an effect on the performance of projectors. Therefore, when buying a projector, make sure that it is waterproof and heatproof.

How to maintain solar projectors

– Projectors should be cleaned once or twice a year.

– There should not be too much dust on the projectors because too much dust makes the projectors unable to absorb sunlight.

– If cracks or breaks are seen on the projector screen, be sure to replace it.

– Check the batteries of the projectors regularly because the batteries in many projectors are rusting and the rusting of the battery will cause the lights to not work properly.

– If you have installed the projectors near trees, flowers, etc., make sure that the branches do not fall on it so that it can absorb solar energy more easily.


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