Cold Room Doors

cold room doors

Cold Room Doors Workers and facility managers face plenty of problems while working in facilities that process, produce, or store temperature-sensitive items. The cold-storage doors inside the facility play an important role in ensuring temperature separation, which is vital for product integrity. However, as many facility managers are already aware, finding doors that fulfill requirements […]

A Warehouse Racking System: What Should You Look for?

Due to the large range of racking systems available on the market, choosing the correct warehouse racking system may be a difficult process. Consider the factors discussed above to prevent being stressed with this work. The correct warehouse racking system will allow you to maximize your space for effective inventory management while also assisting in the optimization of warehouse operations.

NESTO Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking Project – Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Selective Pallet Racking

NESTO Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking ProjectMuscat, Sultanate of Oman. by Ashish Chaurpagar IntroductionNesto group is one of the fastest growing hypermarket chains over the last 17 years with more than 90 outlets operating across GCC & India FMCG market. Nesto is known for their most competitive price goods with exceptional quality. They have a very […]

Pallet racking system installation in oman

Pallet racking system installation in oman

Pallet racking system installation in Oman We have proudly completed our Racking systems installation project in Al Mawalih fruits and vegetable market. Our client is a marquee player in Building materials and FMCG (Frozen Commodities, Dry Commodities, and Fresh Produce) segment in Sultanate of Oman. Initially the group was trading and known into building materials […]