The power industry is the production of electric energy. Electricity is the key cause of the current economic development and will be an essential component in the futuristic growth of the world. Nowadays companies compete in the power industry. Electricity is generated at power plants through specialized generators that use different methods.


Power Plant

A power plant is a station where energy is produced through a full operation of manpower and generators which generate electric energy. Power plants use a process of transforming mechanical energy to electric energy using some type of fuel, so as to supply power for the communal or commercial use

Power Distribution

Power distribution system is the group of equipment used in the final process of electrical energy generation after the electric energy transmission system, where it carries energy to be distributed to the final consumer. Power distributors play a significant role in voltage utilization and use transformers to control the voltage to make it a medium voltage.

Power Transmission

Power transmitting is moving the electrical energy from the place of its generation to the place of which it is used to perform useful work or to be distributed through a distribution network. It involves conveying electrical energy from and to different stations with long distance locations all around using transmission networks.


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