Renewable energy is electrical energy, heat and air generated with renewable resources such as wind, geothermal heat, rain, tide, waves, and sunlight. The shift from the use of coal, oil and gas towards the use of renewable energy has become so rapid because of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this type of energy and it is eco-friendly where there are no smoke emissions resulting from the process of power generation. It is mainly used to generate electrical energy; because electrical energy can be deployed and converted creating heat and mechanical energy. Renewable energy is considered an infinite source while on the contrary; oil, gas and coal are nonrenewable and will finish at some time.


Wind Power

Wind is used to generate mechanical power using turbines, next transforms the power into electrical energy through electric power transmission network; which produce electricity to be used to perform other benefits. Wind is a sustainable and renewable source of energy and has almost no impact on the environment.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy generated from the sun beams then converted to thermal or electric energy. And is available and accessible all around the world and is extremely clean. Other uses of solar energy is providing interior light, cooling or heating, and water heating for both domestic and industrial use.

Hydro Power

Hydropower is power generated from running water and is considered a type of renewable energy. In order to produce hydropower; a hydroelectric power plant is placed in rivers, waterfalls, the ocean using tides and other places like human-made canal systems, in addition some types of generators can be placed in dams to produce electrical power


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