The water industry is the industry in which involves purification, wastewater management, and water supply network. The water industry is responsible for providing clean water which is appropriate for human use, also drinking water which is possible through water purification units. In addition, the management of wastewater in order to either recycle it or to clean it by adding chemicals and be appropriate to be used to generate electric energy or to run machinery at factories for instance, or to be disposed at the ocean. Water goes through a process; passing by different stages and different technologies to reach the final purpose or final consumer.



Dams curb water flow and contains it within huge barricades in order to use the suppressed water in other useful activities like, irrigation, human consumption, business industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability. It also helps in holding against floods and storing water until it is distributed to it designated locations. Most important use of a dam is generating electricity.
Chongqing Tangjiatuo WWTP protects water resources of the upper middle reaches of Yangtze River

Sewage Water Treatment

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