Here in Palmore international we provide our clients with the optimal solutions to issues regarding: Warehousing, steel Structures and safety. As for warehousing solutions we provide the suitable fix and warehousing management solution through various racking systems like: selective pallet racking, drive-in racking, multi-tier racking, shuttle racking and shelving system. Steel structure solutions involve: Mezzanine Floor consultancy and solution, low gauge steel structure (LGSS) and heavy Steel Structure solutions. As for safety solutions we at Palmore international had launched a brand in synchronization with covid-19 pandemic; specialized in disinfection tunnels and sanitizing gates. Our brand, TatheerTech, provides disinfection solutions starting with sanitizers and ending with tunnels.


Most companies use warehouses as a storage space for their products on basic bases. Products are stored for a specific amount of time until they are ordered or it is time to use them. Warehouses are not only used for storing products temporarily but they can be used for long term storing as well. Many items can be stored on the long run such as files, office supplies, furniture, machinery and old equipment, etc.


Steel structures were used in constructing the first big buildings and skyscrapers and was introduced to be used for small buildings in the present day like schools, houses, supermarkets and mosques. This type of structure is considered easy and flexible in use, it can also be recycled and re-used and that is why it is considered economic and environment friendly. The steel structure increases the buildings strength and provides support. The structure is considered durable enough to stand up against natural disasters. .
Mezzanine Floor
Heavy Steel Structure


In any workplace a risk of confronting danger, accidents and injuries is likely to occur and people’s safety is highly un-neglectable; because safety of employees, visitors and staff matters a lot and is a huge responsibility to the corporate and must be protected under its roof at any cost. Therefore companies tend to clarify their safety policies, rules and regulations to facilitate the movement of people within the company and its operations. Corporate safety regulations comprises hazard identification and regulation accordingly with government criteria also continues safety training and education for employees.
Disinfection Products
Fire Alarm
cold room solution


Cold storage is temperature controlled areas wherein the materials are needed to be kept under controlled environment. Depending upon the size of area the cold storage can be divided as walk-in cold rooms & industrial warehouse cold storage.
Cold storage is most often used to keep fresh food fresher for extended periods of time, but it may also be used to store medications and flowers.
Walk in-Cold Room
Industrial Warehouse
Cold Room Doors
Turnkey Solution
Cold Storage Shelving
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