Cold storage is temperature controlled areas wherein the materials are needed to be kept under controlled environment.

Depending upon the size of area the cold storage can be divided as walk-in cold rooms & industrial warehouse cold storage

Cold storage is most often used to keep fresh food fresher for extended periods of time, but it may also be used to store medications and flowers.

walk in cold room

Walk In-Cold Room

A walk-in cold room is a storage facility for perishable goods that must be frozen or cooled to a specified temperature. A cold room's temperature is controlled artificially and is typically used for commercial refrigeration. We offer an excellent range of walk in cold rooms, including our custom configuration cold rooms which are built bespoke to you and your business needs, while always keeping in mind reliability and energy efficiency.
industrial cold room

Industrial Warehouse

The industrial warehouse cold storage are larger in size as compared to walk-in cold storage used to store goods at very low temperature for longer times. Due to the loading & unloading operation of materials handling equipment like forklift or stacker they are built with very strong reinforced insulated floor. There may more than one refrigeration units required for such warehouse cold storage.
cold room doors

Cold Room Doors

A full range of door options is available at Palmore catering to the diverse requirements of clients. We can offer any size and type of door you require. Hinged, sliding, rapid roll, crash, flush, incorporating vision panels, and windows are just a selection of the products available.

Turnkey Solution

Palmore provides a full range of services in the construction of cold rooms including the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of a complete cold room plant. Palmore installs a reputed refrigeration system in its cold rooms that are selected for their proven consistency & efficiency.

Cold Storage Shelving

Cold storage systems have unique qualities that set them apart from other types of projects. Depending on the demands of each project, one type of metal racking or another, or even different racking combinations, may be utilized to offer the best possible outcome for the customer.
cold storage

AMC Palmore services

A Palmore team are available at any time and calibrates and repair/maintain all Walk-in cold rooms so merely continue your work as rapidly as conceivable.


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