walk in cold room



Walk-in cold rooms are smaller in size as compared to big warehouse cold stores & use majorly by hypermarkets, retail shops, hotels, hospitals to store goods having frequent retrieval from shelves.


Palmore is one of the leading companies for the supply & installation of chiller rooms & freezer rooms all over Oman and GCC. Offering a wide range of chiller & freezer rooms for commercial use, we supply to the various type of industries who are in need of cold room according to their customized design. We focus on customer requirements to reduce energy consumption and ever more stringent food safety regulations.


Our walk in cold rooms can be customized to meet the exact needs of any business. No matter what kind of cold room you’re working with, our custom walk in col room have been designed to suit any commercial environment. 


Palmore provides flexible freezer room storage for use in many different types of businesses ranging meat industry to, seafood industry, bakeries, food outlets, the research industry, and the medical industry.


Our cold rooms are fabricated using world-class panels to connect ceiling to wall and floor to wall panels. This provides an easy assemble connection system that has a high aesthetic appearance. It’s an innovative technology. Moreover, the evaporators, condensing units used by us will offer reliable cooling and high performance. The control panel has advanced preventing technology which will safeguard our refrigeration equipment’s trouble-free.


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