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Safety in the workplace is when the work environment is set as per standards which consider the health, well-being and safety of employees and visitors at the company’s workplace. Safety standards means that the company is responsible for protecting humans against workplace violence, harassment, environmental hazards and unsafe work conditions and practices. Implementing this means that the health will be improved for all which will lead to efficient productivity. Companies must consider adding safety and health practices to their culture in order to increase awareness and make sure that the employees are self-aware of the appropriate procedures and ensure safety.

Disinfection Tunnel

The Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel is a tunnel designed to provide maximum protection from viruses to people passing through the tunnel in seconds, which can help the community in the fight against the COVID-19. Disinfectant, sanitizing and decontamination Tunnels and Gates represent a safe protection during entry and exit for everyone, in particular for those who work in close contact with groups and are therefore are at higher risk. It can be placed in homes and other various locations like the entrance of shopping malls, supermarkets, public offices, workshops, factories, pharmacies, schools, airports, hospitals, ports, stations and other public places.

Fire Alarm

Are automatic devices used to detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide and warn people through a distinct indication sound, bell, horn or a prerecorded sound which calls out for immediate evacuation, safety guidelines and safe points around the premises. A fire alarm is considered to be highly important to insure and secure the safety of the people in the location.