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Steel structures were used at the begging of the 18 century in constructing the first big buildings and skyscrapers and was introduced to be used for small buildings in the present day like schools, houses, supermarkets and mosques. Are consisted of steel for core and internal support and to hold-up the exterior layer of the overall building. The structure increases the buildings strength and provides support. The structure is considered durable enough to stand up against natural disasters. This type of structure is considered easy and flexible in use, it can also be recycled and re-used and that is why it is considered economic and environment friendly. Why to choose steel structures? Steel structures had proven their durability over time because they are almost immune against hurricanes, storms and wind. They are also considered to be cost efficient and are affordable. The flexibility of using steel structure is noticeable because of the ability to shape and reshape the steel is high, plus it is easy to use it elsewhere as well. In addition the construction of steel structures does not take much time, it is time efficient and does not cause any delay to the projects construction.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors are medial floors constructed in the space between floors with a high ceiling below. It is considered as a warehousing solution by constructing a temporary or semi-permanent additional floor placed between other floors in order to increase storage capability. It is an option to partially high ceiling warehouses, which consists of an additional steel structure, metal or cement flooring and a racking system. Mezzanine floors are the optimal solution to corporations that are willing to seriously optimize and wholly use their storage unit space.

Light-gauge steel structure (LGSS)

Are structures formed of steel or carbonized metal sections; which are joined with bolts. LGSS are flexible in use and eco friendly as well; because you will be able to recycle it and reuse it. The material of this structure is light and is quick to install. It also provides clean construction and cost less than common types of structure.

Heavy Steel Structure

Heavy steel is a strong – heavy duty- type of material therefore it is able to support a building through strong weather. The construction of heavy steel structures is easier than most types of construction and is considered to be the smartest option to common construction issues. Because of its cost effectiveness of the steel where it is considered cheaper than other forms and types of material. The heavy steel can be used in various places like, factories, warehouses and large storage units etc.