Light-gauge steel structures (LGSS), are formed of steel, or carbonized metal sections; the steel sections used in Light-gauge steel structures are cold formed sections, which are sections formed at room temperature. All the components are jointed together with bolts accordingly with the design. LGSS are flexible in use and recyclable as well; because the user will be able to reuse it in other locations and for other uses. The steel material of this structure is light and is quick to install. It also offers clean construction and costs the buyer less than other common types of structures


Why would the majority of constructions rather use light- gauge steel structures? They are light in weight, and allow fast building without the requirement of heavy tools or equipment. Every component can easily be carried by hand. Since steel is strong, LGS structures are lighter than other material framed structures of equivalent strength. In addition LGSS is able to shape to any form, and can be covered and protected with different materials. It is also easy to change or modify this construction at any point in its lifespan


The steel structure could be coated with a mixture of zinc and or aluminum to protect it from corrosion and increase it durability and lifespan. The thickness of this coating can be varied accordingly with the locations environment. Naturally, humid places require more coating and protection, and dry, regions require less coating.

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