A mezzanine floor is an extra floor in which we create to increase the space of your storage unit. It is a recommended solution for high-bay warehouses.
Our mezzanine floor consists of a steel structure with the option of either a checkered plate for a surface or concrete flooring.

Why have a mezzanine floor?
It Increases the storage space and is highly flexible to space changes.


Mezzanine floors are medial floors which are installed rather than built in the space between floors with high ceilings below. It is considered as a Semi permanent or temporary warehousing solution. By constructing a temporary or semi-permanent additional floor between other floors in order to increase storage capability. Having a mezzanine floor maximizes the use of the building’s space.

It is an option to partially high ceiling warehouses, which is supported by solid steel structure, columns, and consists of metal or cement flooring and a racking system, which all can be easily pulled to pieces and relocated as well. Mezzanine floors are the optimal solution to corporations that are willing to optimize their storage unit space with less cost. It also does not cost much time and is quick to install. Mezzanine floors are durable and can carry the weight of heavy products as well.

In addition Mezzanine floors are flexible, segmental, accessible and moveable and that means that they can be relocated, transformed, and shifted accordingly with clients request and the industry changes or be moved in other warehouses or even re-sold.

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