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What is a Racking system?
Racking systems are systems applied in warehouses and storage units in order to facilitate, optimize space and organize products. The systems are designed to load and keep items to be stored for a while. They consist of pallets, beams and bolts. As well as being used for the handling of finished goods, racking systems can also be used to store raw materials and parts. In order to provide access to the greatest number of items, selective racking can be designed. There are also some distribution systems that utilize FIFO, which is the first-in, first-out method for controlling inventories. In a warehouse with racking, the oldest inventory items are accessible first, allowing them to be offloaded first.
Besides maximizing storage space, there are other advantages that make racking systems worthy of use. The advantages of having additional storage space, a lower workforce effort, and a higher throughput can be quantified in terms of economic value or savings. Additionally, quality management and safety standards are two value-adding factors that do not directly result in savings.
Do I really need a Racking system?
In order to have a successful business it is advised to have an efficient racking system. Which will make the business easier to handle and will create more clarity. In addition, racking and shelving systems create an opportunity to have a larger quantity of organized produce stored within the business reach.
Which Racking system should I choose?
The choice of the suitable racking system depends on several factors like: the type and size of products which will be stacked and the quantity. It also depends on the size of the warehouse or storage unit and the frequency of access to the products. After determining the business needs and the study of the surrounding elements, the idea of the perfect racking system will come to surface. While there is an availability of a variety of options of racking systems types to choose from, such as: selective pallet racking, drive-in racking, multi-tier rack, shelf rack, shuttle rack, etc.

Selective pallet racking

The Selective pallet rack is considered to be the most common type of racks used in warehouses storage facilities. It is the optimal choice for an easier inventory management and it provides direct access to pallets. Moreover, a practical choice of storage solutions.

Drive-in racking

Drive-in racking system is a storage solution which has multiple pallets on a steel rail where a forklift can be driven in and out through designated points of entry and exit; in order to stock or un-stock products

Multi-tier rack

is a pallet racking system that consists of multi floors. The structure consists of alleyways within levels, in which grants personnel access for manual storage only. This racking system is considered highly efficient for high warehouses and storage units, hence it optimizes the storage constructions height.

Shelving system

Longspan : The longspan shelving system is considered to be the optimal solution to your industrial storage needs. It is appropriate for small and big, light and heavy goods which is ideal for your storing needs. Boltfree shelving system : is the easiest shelving system to install and modify, with simple components.

Shuttle rack

Shuttle racking system is a shelving solution which consists of multiple pallet shelves and a shuttle which loads and unloads stored items automatically or command based.