Drive-in racking system is a storage solution which has multiple pallets on a steel rail where a forklift can be driven in and out through designated points of entry and exit; in order to stock or un-stock products. Drive-in racking system is considered ideal for storing in bulk and in high mass. This type of rack is designed to support the movement of forklifts as long as they pass through the storage unit they can be designed to support lifting trucks as well. In addition, the drive-in racking system is ideal for high volume storage of similar products and meets all storage necessities.


The Drive-in racking system uses a LIFO system which is Last-in, First-out inventory system.


With a help of a forklift, products are loaded on and off shelves and through a support rail which allows the forklift to drive-in the rack through a selected entry point, and take out the products while backing out through the same point.


it gives you the ability to store in bulks, which is different than the ordinary racking system because of the ability to add more pallets per cube meter. In addition it is considered to be suitable for cold storage, high volume and fragile products.

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