Multi-tier racking system is the perfect solution for warehouses with height advantage. Whereby multiple levels of pallets are created vertically to store multiple items and a wide range and variety of produce. This system can allow staff access within it multiple levels and it can also include a mezzanine floor racking system solution. The multi-tier racking system adapts with different goods and product shapes and sizes. Also the design can contain stairs, slopes and elevators as well as pathways to support forklift movement; in order to facilitate the products movement within the warehouse through the multi-tier racking system.


is a pallet racking system that consists of multi floors. The structure consists of alleyways within levels, in which grants personnel access for manual storage only. This racking system is considered highly efficient for high warehouses and storage units, hence it optimizes the storage constructions height.


consists of aisles, stairways and ladders alongside with shelves all combined to enhance the use of your space.


aside from optimizing your storage facility, you will be able to have direct and safe access to each floor of the rack.

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