Selective pallet racking had become universal with the beginning of the 20th century. Which is a storage system used to store products on pallets in a horizontal row, with a steel structure attached with bolts. The sizes of selective pallet racks vary; depending on stored goods shapes and sizes. And were used since the beginning at retail centers, storage and distribution facilities and other facilities as well. Using selective pallet racks means easier accessibility to storage at all time it also means easier control over inventory while products are quickly deployed and restocked. Nowadays selective pallet racks are used widely in retail business, wholesale stores and inventory rooms.


The Selective pallet rack is considered to be the most common type of racks used in warehouses storage facilities. It is the optimal choice for an easier inventory management and it provides direct access to pallets. Moreover, a practical choice of storage solutions.


It is simple in terms of use, and is suitable for different equipment usage.


The selective pallet racking system provides immediate access to storage in which assesses you to stock directly, and provides forthright entree from the aisle. It is also considered perfect for narrow aisles, standard and deep reach systems.


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