Shuttle racking system is a shelving solution which consists of multiple pallet shelves and a shuttle which loads and unloads stored items automatically or command based. The shuttle is attached to a rails which is responsible for moving the shuttle around the line and between different merchandise. The shuttle can be moved from one line or level to another using a forklift. A shuttle is an intelligent device which memorizes the locations and names of stored items in order to be able to fetch them later on. Using the shuttle racking system leads to enhancing the efficiency, accuracy and safety of the warehouse unit.


consists of a rack with a robotic shuttle which moves diagonally in the rail.


This rack is constructed with frames which are attached by beams. It can be adjusted according to your requirement of levels and size. The robotic shutter is applied to the rack shelf and can be displaced from a row to another. The robotic shuttle scans the barcode of the stored items, identifies their locations and saves the data into the system by programming it to do so. This will grant you an ease and speed of access to your stored product and will assess you in the inventory process.


The shuttle racking system is considered to be convenient because it reduces time consumed in fetching the stored units using forklifts. Also cuts the cost of acquiring a fleet of forklifts. This system is also considered to be safer for warehouse staff and eliminates produce loss, by that it enhances the efficiency of your logistics.

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