Our products serve in three main sectors, which are: electrical equipment, oil and gas equipment and smart meters. Electrical equipment are the machines and parts which use electricity to run and operate. Electrical equipment provided by Palmore international includes: transformers, electrical motors, substation power connectors, transmission line hardware, switchgears, circuit breaker and earthing and lightning system equipment Oil and gas equipment are vital to the industry and are used for producing other products and generating several types of energy. Oil and gas equipment products provided by Palmore International contain: Pipes and Fittings, Pumps and Valves And smart meters which are electronic devices which are used to calculate and transform electric energy consumption information, current, power factor and voltage levels. To be shared either with the electricity provider and end consumer.


Our electrical equipment are all the machines which use electrical energy flow to run and operate. It is a large range of devices which have several components in which distributes energy throughout several facilities, and to control the electricity flow through all the machines and devices.
Electrical Motors
Substation Power Connectors
Transmission Line Hardwares
Circuit Breaker
Earthing & Lightning
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Oil and gas equipment are vital to the industry used for producing other products and generating several types of energy. Most important parts of the equipment are pumps, piping and fitting, and valves. Pumps are suction devices which transfer oil or gas throughout pipes to different locations. Pipes are used to bear oil and gas transporting them to their designated location. Connected through fittings. And valves are a regulatory device, which directs or controls the flow of oil or gas throughout the structure.
Pipes & Fitting


Is an electrical usage information recording device. It records electric consumption, voltage levels and current. The meter conveys the information such as consumption behavior and system monitoring for corporations. It also collects billing information to be delivered to the consumer. Smart meters report regularly throughout the day and collect almost real-time data. Also it is possible to communicate between the electricity consumer and the electricity provider through Wi-Fi or fixed connection.


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