Earthing and Lightning systems are designed to prevent any damage to structures and equipment that can be caused by the natural events of lightning. The systems are used mainly for safety purposes. In the earthing system; parts of an electric power system are connected to the ground, whereby the electrical energy is discharged and by that causes no harm to the building or the equipment inside it. Lightning system, on the other hand, is a system designed to provide protection to structures from lightning strikes. The system absorbs the lightning and converts the current to the ground immediately in order to get rid of it.

Equipment earthing limits the voltage to ground on electrical conductors. Besides keeping people and equipment safe, it also keeps equipment from being damaged.

Equipment earthing refers to connecting the body of any electrical appliance, or neutral point, as the case may be, with the deeper ground soil with a metal link. It should be penetrated to the ground earth grid with MS flat, CI flat, or GI wire.

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