A smart meter is an electronic device which is used to calculate and transform electric energy consumption information, current, power factor and voltage levels. The information generated from the smart meter is shared both ways to the electricity provider company to generate bills and consumption data and shared with the consumer as well for him to control consumption and regularity or even any other means. Smart meters allows consumers to get rid of old bills with consumption estimation system. The shift from classic meters to smart meters improves consumer consumption; which allows the customer to understand their raw consumption and manage their budget. In addition, getting up-to date consumption information

Pipe & Fittings

Pipes are used to bear several matters, our metal piping and fittings for oil and gas provide the ultimate solution for transporting oil or gas to its designated location. Connected through fittings and designed accordingly with your needs.


Pumps create pressure or suction in order to transfer oil or gas throughout pipes, bearings and lubricated surfaces to different locations.
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Is a regulatory device which directs or controls the flow of oil or gas throughout the structure.

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