Different Types of flat pallets

The perfect way to store all sorts of goods and move them easily in warehouse shelving is using pallets.

flat pallets are used in warehouse shelving for moving materials and goods more easily. Pallets are made with various capabilities and shapes ; Pallet boxes are used to store and protect delicate and fragile goods, and plastic pallets are used to store small items such as bolts and nuts. Pallets are, in fact, a means of facilitating the transportation of materials transported by forklifts or manpower. The most important reasons for using flat pallets are storage and handling of goods and products of factories. This product can be offered with various features, capabilities, dimensions and tolerances. Usually companies that have product storage warehouses are in dire need of flat pallets or other models.

Wooden pallet
Wooden pallets are one of the oldest type of pallets used in shelving and moving goods. Wooden pallets can usually withstand up to 1000 kg, one of the advantages of this type of pallet is its lower price than other pallets. The big problem with these pallets is that they break down and become moldy against moisture. Wooden pallets are produced and supplied both automatically and manually. In the automatic method, wooden boards are cut and connected to each other using different machines and equipment, and in the manual method, the woods are connected to each other manually using steel nails and create a pallet. Wooden pallets are environmentally friendly and can be used to produce paper or soil reinforcement or to make smaller wooden utensils after they have broken down.

Flat metal pallets
With the passage of time and the increase of factories in different industries and the need for more durable pallets to transport and move heavier products, flat metal pallets were produced. Due to their gender, metal pallets are more durable than wooden pallets and have a longer lifespan. Also, these pallets are safer than previous pallets because they are non-flammable. They do not rot against moisture and are more economical to use in different environments. These pallets are produced and supplied in different forms according to the type and weight of the product used. Among its types, we can name one-sided flat pallets, two-sided four-sided, two-sided two-sided, two-sided four-sided.

Pallet boxes

Types And Applications Of Pallets And Pallet Boxes

Plastic flat pallets
Another widely used type of pallet is the flat plastic pallet, which is very popular today. This type of pallet, which is made of compressed plastic, is very durable and is usually used for agricultural, pharmaceutical, marine and similar products due to their hygienic nature compared to other pallets. These pallets are made in different models and capacities according to the weight of the goods that are to be placed on them. The advantages of this pallet include increasing flexibility and impact, as well as their resistance in different environments and against chemicals. The ability to be washed and the quality of the material and at the same time the style of these pallets are also the reasons for their increasing popularity.

Suitable dimensions of flat pallets
The method of selecting the appropriate dimensions of the flat pallet depends on the type of application, most industries such as the food industry usually follow the standard dimensions for pallets. But sometimes some industries use different dimensions depending on the type of warehouse and the type of products. Appropriate dimensions should be such that products can be easily stored, transported and moved. For example, the standard dimensions of a wooden pallet are usually 40 x 48, which can be used for other pallets as well. Square pallets often increase load resistance.

Flat pallet prices
The price of a flat pallet varies according to its material, features and dimensions. Wooden pallets are usually cheaper than other pallets, but the use of metal and plastic pallets and their life is much longer, so it can be said that using these pallets will be even cheaper despite the higher price. Each of these pallets is also classified in terms of quality and according to their quality have different prices, for example, there are first and second grade plastic pallets that have different prices. Of course, there is a second-hand pallet in the market at a more reasonable price. These pallets are actually related to industries that need pallets only once a year to move the product, and then their pallets are unused and re-enter the sales market. Becomes.

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