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Palmore International L.L.C is an innovative and dynamic company specializing in all types of infrastructure projects whether it’s residential or commercial project or an EPC of power plants, Palmore always equipped to go hand-in hand with new advanced technology. Palmore International as the name suggests we feel great compliment in providing Smart, Superior and Cost Effective solutions to our esteemed client. We passionately closely work with our clients and partners with a consultative approach to make the project go smoothly from concept to Construction. Our ultimate aim is to create satisfied clients with our world class service.

As an EPC service provider and project developer, Palmore offers one stop solution for engineering, procurement & construction capabilities and cross sector expertise which has made us a preferred outsourcing destination worldwide. We are a dedicated, talented and committed team in providing project solutions with major thrust on quality, utilization of advanced technology, relationship building and quick responses to our client’s needs. We believe in providing incomparable quality, positive & equal approach for any project whether it’s small or big. We have a decade of experience in project development from concept to realization. Through our large network of partners, we can finance and execute EPC projects of any size going from initial conception and feasibility studies all the way through bringing financers and investors into the projects.

Our professional support team situated across globe are well equipped with the latest trends in the market. We are well versed to offer customized cost effective solutions. We are a reliable firm with a global background and with an in-house dedicated professional team.


It’s well known fact that brickwork structure, timber, cement concrete is being widely used in construction sector traditionally. Over the years, numerous improved systems have been developed for use in landed proprties. Light gauge steel frame system (LGSS) is one of them. An economical LGSS is widely being used in developed countries like America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We at Palmore feel honor to go along with this latest technology of LGSS .

The LGSS is developed through a cold-formed process without the use of heat. This process enables to produce light-weight but high tensile steel sheets. The sheet surface is coated with a zinc alloy (Galvanized steel) )that completely covers the steel surface and helps to resist corrosion specially in corrosive environment . This results in buildings/ structures that are more solid, rigid, stronger, durable, easier & quicker to build

In a nutshell, the LGSS frame system is very promising alternative for use in landed

properties. This is particularly in view of concerns on the depletion of timber resources and low productivities associated with reinforced concrete construction

Palmore being into infrastructure business since long carries vast experience into construction segment specially in steel structure. Our in- house design & support team are well equipped with latest design software.

The design is considered as a very important part of any structure. Our talented design engineers’ team has developed skill to do optimization of design efficiently to provide a very competitive price to our esteemed clients . We also do any customization in the design as per client’s needs.

Our project management have hands-on experience to complete the project smoothly of any size . Our support team present across globe enable us to support our projects anywhere in middle east or CIS countries.

We are able to design, supply & install below structures through our experience


  • Any Residential building upto G+5 levels, commercial building, showroom
  • Portable Site Office, portable steel structure
  • Rehabilitation center in emergency
  • Fire Rated Portacabin
  • Roof Trusses
  • Car Parking Fascia
  • Roof & Ceiling Panel
  • Floor/Mezzanine Joint
  • Cladding/ Facade Frames
  • Frames for PV module of solar Power plant
  • Stadium
  • Structure of petrol pump station
  • Small storage building /warehouse
  • Resorts, lodges in forests

Adoptability: Any structure within permissible load criteria can be built with LGSS
Rapid construction: lesser man hours needed, Ease of Installation & hence project duration time is lesser
Optimum use of materials, Energy efficient, and more affordable.
Design Flexibility
Compliances: LGSS framing comply to all standard codes
Consistent Quality, also Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, Light Weight. (Our design solution weighs about one-tenth of the traditional concrete construction yet providing the desired strength as per standard codes)
We can provide a LEED™ certified product based on its virtually 100% Recycled steel content.
Fire Safety - 100 % Non-combustible
Steel is 100% recyclable and hence it does not contribute to degradation of the environment. Hence it’s environment friendly
Ozone Friendly Materials: Upto 68% less energy is required to erect a modular building as compared to a traditionally built structure. The insulation used in wall, roof and floor is made of ozone friendly materials that have minimum impact on environment as compared to traditional materials
In traditional building construction there are lot of losses but steel structure creates very Less Waste & hence Less Pollutants

With the growing logistic & distribution business across globe racking played an important role to manage the warehouse efficiently. The most imperative part of racking is defining proper solution, it should be designed taking into consideration all the parameters of client’s needs, his application, SKU details, throughput, inventories & client’s future plans

Palmore is having a dedicated team who has profound experience in warehouse racking right from defining & delivering the appropriate solution to execute the project. We as a PALMORE don’t only supply the products but we provide the appropriate storage solution through our consultative approach. We do study the clients requirement’s, his expectations & bridge the gap through our skilled & optimum solution.

Palmore not only ensures the perfect design of racking solution but also provide high quality materials complying to renowned design standard. Palmore is capable to provide almost all types of racking solution as below

  • Selective Pallet racking system,
  • Drive-in Racking system
  • Boltless shelving system
  • Multi-tier shelving system
  • Gravity-flow racking system
  • Radio-shuttle racking system
  • Mobile shelving system (Compactor)


Treating our clients as our partners
Monetizing business opportunities for our suppliers
Creating added value for our strategic partners by managing business risks and financial risks
Managing the environmental impacts of our operations
Creating job opportunities in societies