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Applications of steel mezzanine floor

If we want to name the types of steel mezzanine floor according to their application, we can refer to the following cases and applications:

One) Product storage
In places such as warehouses and factories that need to store their manufactured goods for some time, steel mezzanine floor is used to create different floors in a large space for the purpose of storing products. Some factories that have a large number of manufactured products make several floors with steel mezzanine floor so that they can take up more space and increase the number of products they can store.

Two) Separation and creation of departments and office spaces
Steel mezzanine floor is often used in factories or places that produce goods to build a separate section for office work. Due to the almost high height from floor to ceiling in productions and factories, the construction of steel mezzanine floor is very suitable for creating office parts and also along with the optimal use of available space, office and production can be closely related to each other and Accelerate and improve supervision and control over production sectors.
Three) Build communication channels
Steel mezzanine floor is sometimes used as a connection between two or more buildings or adjacent units. Because we may need a connection between the sections for easier and faster access to each other, so building a steel mezzanine floor will be the most suitable solution for this purpose due to its ease of construction and installation.

Four) Separate several different parts in one place
Sometimes we may need to divide large spaces into several separate sections; For example, divide a large production into several separate sub-sections, each of which is responsible for producing a specific part or product, and separate these sections from each other. In this situation, it is better to use this steel mezzanine floor, which has high flexibility and is less expensive and comfortable.

Five) Flexibility in structure design
In these structures, the designer has more possibilities to change the size or materials used in the structure. Among these cases, it can be mentioned that designers in these structures can easily make changes that customers pay less for the provision of these structures.

In this structure, the designer, in order to reduce the cost for the customers, can design the manufactured parts with less weight, and from the parts that are not reduced from the strength of the designed and manufactured structure, but its cost is reduced and It is more economical to use. Therefore, people who want to make the most of their space at a lower cost, it is better to use prefabricated bolted half-floors. In addition to enjoying the benefits listed above for these structures to pay less.

Six) Suitable for places with high temperatures
If steel mezzanine floor is designed and prepared for use in hot spaces and places that have high air temperatures, it is better to use its bolt type. Because if there is a risk of fire in the desired location, these structures have a high resistance and the risk of damage and destruction in them is less than welding structures.

Seven) Suitable for small spaces
These structures can be easily designed and used in places where it is not possible to expand the space and the existing space must be used optimally. Since steel mezzanine floor is installed and used inside the desired space; You can make the most of the space you want and at the same time spend less money to prepare this extra space.

Eight) important structures
Due to the high quality of design, production and strength of these metal structures, usually in developed countries of the world for places that are of great importance, these structures are used instead of welded structures. Since developed countries have both more experience and scientific knowledge in this field, they are aware of the benefits of steel structures and are more inclined to use steel structures.

Nine) special situations and crises
One of the main features and benefits of steel mezzanine floor is the possibility of moving them. For this reason, in emergency or special situations such as crises and natural disasters, the use of these structures is more appropriate and they can be quickly transferred to the desired location and installed and used.

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